Turquoise Looking Glass Necklace


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Once upon a time, there was a Prince who was very, very vain. He was not only vain, he was a terrible clotheshorse, and constantly pushed the boundaries of acceptable fashions. But because he was the Prince, no one dared correct him, or tell him when he wore something awful, or when he had just gone too far. Everyone was afraid.

But time passed, and the Prince began to age. One day he came across a book, The Picture of Dorian Grey, and he became obsessed with the idea of staying young forever. He sought out a sorceress, and she gave him this turquoise looking glass necklace. To anyone else who peered into its mirrored depths, it was just an ordinary mirror, but to the Prince, he showed him his true self- the old, haggard Prince that he really was, although no one else could see it because of the sorceress’ glamour she cast over him.

This turquoise looking glass necklace features a bold dark silver chain, and various glass and crystal beads in assorted shades of turquoise and clear with a polymer clay pendant with a mirror in the center of it. It has a milk white drop depending from the bottom of the pendant.

The necklace measures 20″ from end to end and closes with a hook and eye closure.

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