Turquoise and Gold Tassel Necklace


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She had already tried on a dozen dresses, even a romper (which of course no one really looked good in), and finally decided the next thing she tried on would be it. She was tired of trying on clothes, and for what? A blind date that her friend has set her up on. Her next outfit was boho in style, which suited her slim body and tan skin. Her long blonde hair flowed freely over her shoulders.

Jewelry was next. She started to rummage through the small wooden chest she kept all her jewelry in, then remembered the necklace her grandmother had given her, purchased while travelling last year. She tried it on. Perfection. She was ready.

This on-style necklace features beautiful turquoise colored beads with gold and coppery accents. The metal tassels are shiny and bold, and so unique!

Necklace measures about 22″ long from end to end and closes with a toggle clasp.

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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 22 in