Storytime Clyde


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Its bedtime, and Clyde the Cow wants his bedtime story! He has a book of fairy tales, though maybe we should have called them dairy tales, and a cozy fleece blanket to curl up in.

“Mama, can you tell me a story?” asks Clyde. He’s snuggled into his soft fluffy bed and he has his favorite book of Faery Tales (or are they Dairy Tales?) in front of him. He’s hoping to hear about Jack and the Magic Beans this time. He loves hearing about the Giant at the top of the Beanstalk’s many pets, all loved and pampered in their home above the clouds. How Clyde would love to live so high up even the birds would have trouble flying so high!

But Clyde is a very small cow, and there’s no Jack, no Magic Beans, and no Beanstalk, at least not anywhere that Clyde has seen. He’s hopeful though, as his mama settles down to read him the story.

He’s very small, and he hardly eats, so I promise he won’t be any bother! Storytime Clyde is about 2.5 inches tall.

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