Sea Witch’s Curse Necklace


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“What’s the sea witch’s curse, you ask? Well, let me tell you.” She took  a long drink of her cocktail, settling back into her chair a bit. There was a blanket over her lap and legs, and she seemed somewhat tired.

“Long ago, I met a woman. She was beautiful, and she seemed impossible to conquer. She told me she was a sea witch. I laughed, because really, a witch? Who would believe that? Anyway, she had this necklace. Yes, this necklace. And I coveted it so strongly that one day I took it from her. I didn’t even think about it, just took it. I put it on right away and I felt like the world was at my fingertips, waiting for me to step up and take it. And it was fine.”

“Then, a few weeks later, I saw her, and she saw the necklace. She told me I would regret my transgression, that I couldn’t even imagine how large a mistake I had made. She said I would rue the day I put the necklace on, and I would want more than anything to take it off. I laughed, and went on my way.”

“But that night, as I took my bath, my legs began to change. They were drawn together, and my flesh crawled over itself and my legs became a tail. My feet became a fin. A mermaid’s tail, on me, a woman who can’t swim! And as long as I wear this necklace, I remain like this- a fish that can’t go into the water. But I can;t remove the necklace either, so my days here are tortured between my body’s both need and fear of the sea!”

This sea witch’s curse necklace is made from large seed beads and dyed freshwater pearls in various shapes. These are uniquely shaped pearls and each one is very unique! They are dyed in colors of spruce green and gold, and the necklace measures 21″ long, closing with a hook and loop.

I can make similar necklaces but none exactly like this because there are no more pearls exactly like these.

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