Raleigh the Racehorse Sculpture


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“Raleigh the Racehorse! That’s me! I won that last race.” Raleigh is ready for his nightly rub-down, his cool water after being walked out, and his cozy bed of straw. He’s ready for his nightly bran mash with a little molasses and some chopped up carrots and apples, and he’s ready to close his eyes and dream about wearing the roses around his neck again in the winner’s circle.

Raleigh dreams big, and hopes someday his dreams will come true. Until then, he’ll walk alongside the horses on their way to the starting gate, keeping them calm, and he’ll do his duty ponying them where they need to go. One day though, he’ll run on the track.

Raleigh the Racehorse stands about 3″ tall on his wooden base, and the plaque is 4″ wide. He’s made out of reddish brown polymer clay (Sculpey III and Premo!) to give him a rich bay coat. He’s relaxing on a bed of straw, with his lucky horseshoe and a big bucket of water nearby.

He would make a great display piece in a horse lover’s home, and he’s absolutely one of a kind! He is not for playing with- he could be broken- so not for young children.

Each individual piece has been bonded with E6000 clear glue and the wood is finished with a pecan stain.

Keep an eye out for other cute minis in the future!

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