Gothic Bride Capelet Cowl


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This lovely, lacy, beautiful gothic-inspired capelet / cowl is just waiting to find its one true love. The colors are deep and rich, lovely jewel tones, and it closes with 4 uniquely unmatched buttons at your throat.

She browsed the bridal shop’s selection, frowning at the huge expanse of whites, creams, ivories, and eggshells. None of these colors were what she wanted and the styles were just all wrong. Maybe she shouldn’t even get married. She turned, slowly walking towards the door of the shop, feeling dejected. The shop girl’s voice timidly called out to her.

“Um… I uh… I might have something in the back you’d like better? Something more your style?” She shook her head, murmuring her thanks and left the shop. She thought of the beautiful handmade, close-fitting cowl her aunt had crocheted for her sitting at home. It was perfect. These dresses though? They weren’t right at all. No traditional gown for her. Her inner goth girl would be released in its full glory for her wedding- deep, lush hues of violet and blue, trimmed with black lace. It would definitely be an October wedding.

I can make this in other colors- just ask!

100% acrylic yarn, machine wash and dry.

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Weight 5 oz