Dot Who Drinks Champagne


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This is Dot Who Drinks Champagne. She was lovingly knitted and she enjoys eating cupcakes, drinking champagne, and playing dress-up. She’s got a wild 2-color mohawk, and crazy stripes of color. Her ears are long and floppy, and she’s got great googly eyes that got a little confused about where they should be.

“Moar champagne!!!” Dot bellowed, waving her empty flute wildly. Her servants scurried around nervously, looking for a bottle she hadn’t yet emptied. “Come on, you useless peons!” she yelled over the cacophony surrounding her. ¬†Finally, furtively, one of her servants rushed up to her, trying desperately to pop the cork as he ran. Coming free, the champagne bubbled out of the bottle and all over him. Dot, not wanting to miss a drop of her favorite beverage, grabbed the servant, snaked out her long tongue, and sucked up every drop that had been spilled. She then tossed her empty flute aside, and drank heartily from the bottle, throwing back her head when it was empty and emitting a loud belch.

Dot is the perfect size for a child to snuggle, or to stand guard over your room. She’s very firmly stuffed with polyester fiberfill.

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