Darcy Loves Darcy


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Darcy knows she’s not perfect. Her stripes don’t quite match up, her legs don’t quite match, and she’s not the best at applying her lipstick. She’s zoned out of her mind on coffee, and her eyes are wide and staring.

But you know what? Darcy doesn’t care. She knows she’s perfect just the way she is. Her green and pink stripes work well together, and her big head houses her enormous brain. Her hand lifts to wave at her friends, and even though her gait wobbles a bit, her legs carry her where ever she needs to go.

And Darcy would love to make a new friend! Would you like to be Darcy’s friend?

This hand-knitted monster young lady is ready to join you! She’s soft, cuddly, and made from super durable acrylic yarns, and stuffed full of polyester fiberfill. When she gets dirty, please hand wash her with care.

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