A Cat’s Dream Necklace


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I chitter softly at the birds outside the window. My human slave watches me with admiration, knowing what a mighty hunter I am. He knows if he should unleash me upon the garden outside, oh the garden! that my chaos will reign about all of nature and I will hold dominion over those plump, juicy birds!

The garden is filled with leaves, vines, trees, waiting to be climbed and ruled. The grass is lush and perfect for tasting. And the plump birds! Did I not mention how I would hold dominion over them all?

Alas, my human slave knows I would control all of the world if he should release me into the garden, so he does not. He relishes this small bit of control over me because I, mighty bringing of chaos that I am, have no thumbs and cannot open the door.

I find a puddle of sunlight to rest my mighty form in, curling up under the window to dream of my great escape! I am coming for you, garden creatures!

This is something a little different. The necklace features a yellow lump cat as the central detail surrounded by green leaves and various natural stones and glass beads. There are also two lump bluebirds on the strand, watching the cat as he sits in his garden. The necklace measures 23.5″ from end to end and closes with a toggle clasp. The unstrung portion of the necklace is silver toned chain.


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