My home is pet friendly. While the animals do not have regular access to any of my craft supplies, projects, or creations, some contamination is likely. If you have allergies, you may want to consider this.


My shipping rates are decided by the USPS’s rates. I charge you by the ounce and my items have been weighed and valued to the nearest half ounce so my shopping cart can give you the best deal on shipping. I understand shipping is a necessary evil, and try to keep it as light as possible. All domestic packages weighing more than 13 ounces will be upgraded to Priority mail.

There is a $3.00 base charge to cover the cost of PayPal or Square fees, the cost of packaging, and costs for me to get your package to the post office, which is a 50 mile round trip. I do not charge for the first ounce of package weight. I do not make money on the cost of shipping and I do my best to make this charge as accurate as possible.

Returns & Refunds

All sales are finalĀ unless I have grossly misrepresented the item. If I have somehow misrepresented it or sent you the wrong item, I will be happy to work with you to correct the mistake. I want you to be happy above all else.

Unfortunately if you accidentally ordered the wrong item through no fault of my own, I cannot take responsibility. Please double check your cart to make sure you have the correct items in it before checking out. My shopping cart clearly displays what items you’ve added to it to help avoid this.

There will be no refunds granted on any digital items, such as beading, crochet, or cross stitch patterns due to the nature of the item.

Privacy Policy

The information you give at checkout (name, shipping address, and email address) are used only to get your order to you. I will not email unless there is a problem with the order and I need more information. I don’t sell your information or engage in any nefarious marketing schemes.