Bright Crocheted Shopping Bag


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“Man, I wish I had a nice shopping bag to hold my produce when I go to the Farmer’s Market!” she exclaimed to no one. She rifled through the reusable shopping bags she already had, finding complaint with all of them. They were either thick, sturdy plastic, or cheap thin fabric that would tear if they were overloaded, and none of them were all that washable. Eventually something would spill in them and they’d have to be thrown out. She snorted. Reusable crap!

Then she saw a new booth at the very end of the packed market. What could be there, she wondered, proceeding to the stall. Her eyes lit up. Shopping bags, crocheted is different color yarns, washable yarns even, that would hold all her Farmer’s Market shopping, and could just be thrown in with the laundry! She bought five.

This super bright crocheted shopping bag has a solid bottom and mesh sides. Its about 22″ tall from top of handle to bottom of bag and will holds tons of stuff! When it gets dirty, just throw it in the wash with your laundry- machine wash and dry!

Made from 100% acrylic yarn.

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Weight 5 oz