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Understanding a Sewing Pattern Envelope

Deby at So Sew Easy made a post on her blog that I think would be very useful to people just starting to sew. She breaks down the front and back of the envelope section by section and explains everything- including a use you might not have thought of for the side of the envelope that’s printed in other languages. Check out her post here. I wish someone had sat me down and explained the envelope back like this for me. I think the moment it finally clicked on how to measure myself to correlate to the envelope came when I emailed one of the “Big Four” and asked them exactly how I was supposed to be doing it. Lucky for me customer service at that company was great in helping me out and setting me straight!


  • debycoles

    Wow, you actually got a reply from a pattern company! I’ve never heard such a thing before. Thanks very much for sharing about my article.

  • Deb

    Yeah I think it was Butterick I emailed and asked questions of. Maybe they realized if they helped me out, I’d do better sewing and buy more patterns! 😉 LOL

    Had to share it. Its a great little bit on info to have around!

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