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Shipping rates. I know this seems like a small thing, but really it isn’t. Right now until the end of the month, all fabric remnants, large scraps, and yardages are free to good home- just pay shipping, or if you live in Lancaster, CA, contact me to arrange a pick-up!

That led me to realize, because fabric can be heavy, that I needed to adjust something in my shop’s shipping settings. So, as of now, Domestic shipping (within the USA) will never exceed $25.00! But every single item in my shop, and it all ships for $25!

Any packages under 1 pound will ship out First Class unless its somehow cheaper to use Priority, and anything over 1 pound will go Priority. I want things to get to you as quickly as possible, while still being cost effective. I’ve also done some more research on shipping rates and adjusted mine accordingly- I think they are much closer to actual costs now, though there is a small surcharge of $0.50 to cover PayPal fees. Unfortunately I am not making enough sales to justify using another (not free) payment gateway so someone has to eat the fees.

And as always, if shipping ends up being grossly over charged, I will refund you the difference after its paid and sent off at the post office.

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