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    Craft Fair & Chili Cook-Off! Come See Me!

    Saturday night I will be at the Antelope Valley Indian Museum selling my makes at the craft fair and chili cook-off. There will be a campfire, cowboy singer, chili cook-off, coffee, and cocoa! You can download the flyer for distribution and more details here, HotH Flyer 15.

    Chili, Crafters, and Cowboy Songs at “Holidays on the Homestead”

    Visit the Antelope Valley Indian Museum on Saturday, December 5th from 5 p.m.-8 p.m. for an old-time country Christmas celebration! Originally a 1930’s homestead, the historic grounds will be decorated in vintage holiday style with live acoustic music around a campfire, a chili cook-off, tours of the grounds, a country craft boutique, real cowboy coffee brewed over the fire, and hot chocolate or cider for the kids! Explore the unique hand-built museum and whimsical grounds at night with soft lighting and the smell of fresh greenery, and the wintery sky sparkling over the desert.

    Stay warm around the blazing bonfire while cowboy singer Michael Tcherkassky, “The Saddle Serenader”, croons the romantic poetry about life on the range that cattlemen composed by day during their journeys across the old west, and was then shared around the campfire when the sun went down. Michael has performed traditional cowboy songs and poetry for many years at the Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival and other events around the country.

    The country craft boutique features one-of-a-kind handmade gifts. The crafters carry on the artistic spirit of Howard Arden Edwards, who built the Indian Museum to house his collection of American Indian artifacts. The Craftsman-style building is decorated with his colorful representations of Indian culture and creative hand-made furniture. This is a great opportunity to support local artists and find unique gifts!

    Rose Edwards was known for her tasty rib-sticking chili and cornbread feasts at their holiday celebrations. Try Rose’s original 1930 Christmas chili recipe and the chili cook-off entries, complemented by delicious cornbread generously provided by The Lemon Leaf Café.  Our 2015 judge will be ranger Colin Daxon, who recently joined the department.

    Event admission is $10 for adults, $5 for ages 6-12, and ages 5 and under are free. This event is a fundraiser for the non-profit Friends of the Antelope Valley Indian Museum, which provides funding to help keep the museum open.

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    Thrift Store Day!

    My thrift store finds, minus the 3 yards of pink floral fabric I got. Totally forgot to put it in the frame!
    My thrift store finds, minus the 3 yards of pink floral fabric I got. Totally forgot to put it in the frame!

    I decided Thursday morning I’d go thrift store shopping. I only know of three thrift stores off-hand, but the internet is my friend. I started off with the three shops I knew. I was looking for certain items- books for Mattie’s dad since I got him hooked on a new (to him) series and since they were very popular, I can find a lot of them for super cheap used, sewing patterns, and yarn. Above is pictured everything I came home with, except for the two books for Mattie’s dad.

    Good Will

    I did a quick walk through and I found the 9th book in the series I am slowly getting for Mattie’s dad. That was all I found but the store is nice and clean and people are pleasant.

    American Way Thrift Store

    This one was a bust of books, but I did find two sewing patterns I wanted.

    Salvation Army

    I didn’t find anything here at all. I wasn’t too upset though because they have business practices I don’t agree with. At this point I was starting to wonder if I was going to find any yarn at all in any of the shops I visited.

    Thrift Shop (generically named and located in the outlet mall)

    I found a sewing pattern here. I thought it was overpriced for being thrift store goods at a dollar, but it was brand new and uncut, just the envelope was torn. At this shop I did find a few skeins of yarn buried in the bottom of a tote full of fabric scraps but it was horrible cheap stiff and scratchy stuff and in two awful shades of brown. Pass!

    New to You Thrift Shop

    The patrons all reeked of vodka but the ones that were chatty were super friendly and nice, and obviously regulars to the shop, offering to help me find things. The alcohol smell was so strong I was afraid too breathe deeply for fear of becoming drunk! Haha! But I found two more sewing patterns, and a 3 yard by 42″ cut of fabric of a lovely soft pink fabric with roses on it that I hope is not damaged of stained that I want to make a blouse out of.

    A to Z Thrift Shop

    This place was the size of a closet, and run by people who barely spoke English. It was over crowded and honestly just looked like a storage unit packed full of stuff I didn’t want. Didn’t buy anything. I felt stifled and suffocated the entire time I was inside.

    Grace Thrift Center

    This was another one new to me, but it was clean, spacious, well organized, and they had craft supplies! I ended up leaving there with another sewing pattern, 3 skeins of variegated blue sock yarn, 1 hank of 100% Peruvian wool yarn in a bright lime green, and another book I needed for Mattie’s dad.

    After I got home, I decided to go back and get the other Cascade 100% wool yarn and the other skein of sock yarn in a different color, and I also found another book for his dad.

    So, all in all I got 16 items and I spent $16 and change. I’m pretty okay with that! Three of the sewing patterns are new and uncut and a fourth one might be- I’m not sure yet but I’ll examine it later.

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    Things I’ve Been Doing

    I’ll let the pictures do the talking this time!

    This tiny little closet space is perfect for my fabric and scrap storage! Snug as a bug! #sewing #fabric #storage #stash

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    Babydoll Lingerie Tutorial from How Joyful



    Another Pinterest find, this babydoll negligee is too cute with all the ruffles and light, fluffy layers. You can find the directions to make this here, and her instructions are very easy to follow. This uses 8 pieces total, and 5 of them are just strips of fabric to make the ruffles. Chiffon is inexpensive and most of us have some soft ribbon around to use or the ties, so this is would make a gorgeous low-cost alternative to store-bought (and pricey!) lingerie. I’d call that a win!

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    Geometric Dreams Jacket by Rhonda’s Creative Life

    003I was browsing Pinterest (I have such mixed feelings about it but occasionally I find my way back to it) and looking for free sewing patterns. I came across some really cute ideas, but so many are not suited to my body type, or would take a lot of scaling as the patterns were only available in very small sizes. Then I saw this. This jacket has the prettiest draping and the shape is interesting given the way the seams run. Its made out of a stretch knit fabric, and I definitely want to make one for myself before winter comes.

    The jacket is made from three pieces of fabric and the only pattern you really need is a few measurements form your tape measure. Here’s the link! Its from a few years ago but I absolutely love it.