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    Holiday Shopping & Current Crafts

    Thursday Mattie’s Dad and brother came by for Thanksgiving dinner. We had tons of food, good things to drink, and lots of pie for dessert. Normally I am all for them visiting, but after five hours of the TV volume being really high, I ended up retiring to the bedroom, and shortly after slipping out to Michael’s to take advantage of their holiday shopping Thursday night sale. They had a 30% off everything coupon, and a lot of the store was marked down as well.

    I looked up the regular prices of things after I got home, and I got out of there with what normally would have been $53 worth of stuff (yes, I know they are over priced) for $29. What did I get? All sorts  of stuff. I walked out with….

    • 2 strands of beads, reg price $3.99 at 60% off
    • 2 5″ x 5″ stapled canvases, reg price $7.99, 70% off
    • 5 2 oz blocks Sculpey III clay, reg price $2.79 each, 16% off for buying 5
    • some weird plastic rings to use at stitch markers in my knitting, reg price $2.99
    • 2 skeins Bernat Softee Chunky yarn, reg price $3.29, 31% off
    • plastic 6″ embroidery hoop, reg price $3.99
    • small pair scissors, reg price $1.79

    Plus I also had a 30% off reg. and sale price items, so that brought it down to $29 and change out the door. I pulled the regular prices off of the website and I think some are slightly different than in the store, but it gives you an idea.



    The yarn is a lovely orangy-brown color and the beads are green and purple. I grabbed some clay colors I don’t already have, plus black, because I always seem to be using black, and the one other thing I wanted was a very thin, fine paint brush, but I was 1) out of money, and 2) couldn’t find the ones I really like anyway.

    I’ve also made some other trips to Michael’s in the last few weeks as well, and have come home with a few items each time. So many things I want!

    Now, what have I been working on you ask? I finished a pair of fingerless gloves I will keep for myself for sure in black with rainbow eyelash trim. Right now I’m working on another pair in lettuce green that are longer, and without the eyelash yarn edging. After this is done? I’m thinking of doing a scarf- a scarf I will want to actually wear, not the scary mess I made when I was first getting the hang of things. Hopefully I will have photos of both soon.

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    Coming Soon!

    I’ve got some cool stuff coming soon because I caved and ordered two things from Amazon this week. One is a photo light box, and I will be using it to retake all of my shop photos so there is a nice uniform look to all of my images. The second is a foam head to display my hats on for photos in my shop since I plan to make several beanies.

    I’ll probably have to watch a few Youtube videos to get the idea of how to take nice photos, but it shouldn’t be too hard to do and it will make my shop look so much better. Of course adding all of those photos again and deleting the old ones is going to take ages, but I think it will be worth it.

    I also finished up a new beanie for the shop today, which turned out really cute. I’ll be adding it after I get my new prop and set-up and start taking new photos. Its made for a girl, or a woman with a small head, and is dark grey with a hot pink fur trim. I kinda wish it would fit my big head, but I probably don’t need to keep all of my hats. I have that problem already with earrings I make- wanting to keep them all.

    I did learn something in making it. Remember to count your stitches as you cast on when working with a fur yarn. It will be nearly impossible to count your stitches after you’ve cast them when they’re furry!