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    I Built A Thing Today! (DIY Multi-Uke Stand)


    That’s my mountain dulcimer taking up seat number 5… ūüôā


    I saw several DIY PVC guitar racks being talked about online, and the one thing I noticed, besides that they’re ugly, is they really minimize the space they take up. We have 5 ukes, and a banjolele, though one uke is of the flying V body style so it won’t work in this, and while I have nice, pretty wooden stands, they take up quite a bit of space. And today I really wanted to build something, so here’s what I did.

    Approximate Finished Dimensions

    18″ high x 28″ wide x 16.5″ deep

    Purchase List

    • 2 x 10′ 1/2″ PVC pipe ($4.16)
    • 14 1/2″ PVC pipe T fittings ($4.76)
    • 6 1/2″ PVC pipe caps ($1.38)
    • 11¬†1/2″ PVC pipe 90¬į elbows ($4.40)
    • pipe cutting tool ($7)
    • glue (optional and I only used to to glue the main sections together¬†in case I want to disassemble it in the futureand store it flat) ($6)

    How to Prepare

    You will need to do a lot of cutting. Here’s the breakdown of how many, how long. I only used 15′ of the pipe total.

    • 5 x 1.75″
    • 7¬†x 3″
    • 10 x 4″
    • 6¬†x 1″
    • 2 x 11″
    • 3 x 25.5″

    How to Assemble


    • Make the top bar with the neck guides by connecting these pieces in the following order:
    • Elbow + 1″ piece + T + 3″ piece +¬†+ T + 3″ piece +¬†+ T + 3″ piece +¬†+ T + 3″ piece +¬†+ T + 3″ piece +¬†+ T + 1″ piece + elbow.
    • Connect one 4″ piece into the open end of the T’s across (6 times). Then connect an elbow, and a 1.75″ piece to the first 5 of them. Add the 6 caps to all of the open ends. This completes your top bar.
    • On the downward facing open ends of the elbows, connect a 4″ piece of pipe. Attach a T to these so you can add the crossbar between them.
    • Place a 25.5″ piece into the open ends of the T where they face each other.
    • Connect a 11″ piece to the remaining open ends of the T’s, going downward. These will connect into the base.


    • Create a rectangle, using 4 T’s, 2 4″ pieces, and the two remaining 25.5″ pieces. This will form the part of the base that the ukes will rest on.
    • Choose a side to be the back of the stand. Attach a 1″ piece to each open T side, and add another T, this one facing upwards. Your top section will fit into this.
    • Connect the remaining 3″ pieces to the backs of these T’s, then add 2 of the elbows, pointing down.
    • Finish the front of the stand by connecting the last 2 1″ pieces, and then the elbows.


    • Fit the top into the bottom. Make sure everything fits. Try it out. Tiny ukes, like a soprano, will barely¬†reach the top bar, and if you have a sopranino, you’ll need to place the secondary bar lower. If everything looks good, you can glue things together now.

    Let me know if this worked for you, or if I made any mistakes in the parts list! Happy making!

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    Babydoll Lingerie Tutorial from How Joyful



    Another Pinterest find, this babydoll negligee is too cute with all the ruffles and light, fluffy layers. You can find the directions to make this here, and her instructions are very easy to follow. This uses 8 pieces total, and 5 of them are just strips of fabric to make the ruffles. Chiffon is inexpensive and most of us have some soft ribbon around to use or the ties, so this is would make a gorgeous low-cost alternative to store-bought (and pricey!) lingerie. I’d call that a win!

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    Geometric Dreams Jacket by Rhonda’s Creative Life

    003I was browsing Pinterest (I have such mixed feelings about it but occasionally I find my way back to it) and looking for free sewing patterns. I came across some really cute ideas, but so many are not suited to my body type, or would take a lot of scaling as the patterns were only available in very small sizes. Then I saw this. This jacket has the prettiest draping and the shape is interesting given the way the seams run. Its made out of a stretch knit fabric, and I definitely want to make one for myself before winter comes.

    The jacket is made from three pieces of fabric and the only pattern you really need is a few measurements form your tape measure. Here’s the link! Its from a few years ago but I absolutely love it.