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    Holy Wow You Guys!

    I just went through the few remaining physical items I had marked as free and put them in a bag to be donated tomorrow, found a few other items I don’t want to sit on any longer, made sure my etsy listings matched up with what’s still available… and I deleted almost 60 items from my shop. Some were sold out so they don’t really count, but a lot just weren’t up to the current level of perfection or were perfectly made, but just not moving.

    There’s going to be some happy thrift store shoppers though! A few of my friends will be receiving gifts as well so my loss is several people’s gain.

    I’m really excited to be clearing out some product, even if its just donating it, because it means I’ll have that much more space to organize and store the things I love! There’s still a few tough decisions to make (books I loved as I child, I mean you!) but I think I’m going to be a lot happier by tomorrow afternoon.

    And right now if you browse my shop, there’s quite a few items on sale right now, tons of great patterns, and as always, there’s coupon code LSG for those who want to save another 10% off their purchase. I might even stick a few more items on sale this evening… hmmm… 🙂

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    Craft Fair & Chili Cook-Off! Come See Me!

    Saturday night I will be at the Antelope Valley Indian Museum selling my makes at the craft fair and chili cook-off. There will be a campfire, cowboy singer, chili cook-off, coffee, and cocoa! You can download the flyer for distribution and more details here, HotH Flyer 15.

    Chili, Crafters, and Cowboy Songs at “Holidays on the Homestead”

    Visit the Antelope Valley Indian Museum on Saturday, December 5th from 5 p.m.-8 p.m. for an old-time country Christmas celebration! Originally a 1930’s homestead, the historic grounds will be decorated in vintage holiday style with live acoustic music around a campfire, a chili cook-off, tours of the grounds, a country craft boutique, real cowboy coffee brewed over the fire, and hot chocolate or cider for the kids! Explore the unique hand-built museum and whimsical grounds at night with soft lighting and the smell of fresh greenery, and the wintery sky sparkling over the desert.

    Stay warm around the blazing bonfire while cowboy singer Michael Tcherkassky, “The Saddle Serenader”, croons the romantic poetry about life on the range that cattlemen composed by day during their journeys across the old west, and was then shared around the campfire when the sun went down. Michael has performed traditional cowboy songs and poetry for many years at the Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival and other events around the country.

    The country craft boutique features one-of-a-kind handmade gifts. The crafters carry on the artistic spirit of Howard Arden Edwards, who built the Indian Museum to house his collection of American Indian artifacts. The Craftsman-style building is decorated with his colorful representations of Indian culture and creative hand-made furniture. This is a great opportunity to support local artists and find unique gifts!

    Rose Edwards was known for her tasty rib-sticking chili and cornbread feasts at their holiday celebrations. Try Rose’s original 1930 Christmas chili recipe and the chili cook-off entries, complemented by delicious cornbread generously provided by The Lemon Leaf Café.  Our 2015 judge will be ranger Colin Daxon, who recently joined the department.

    Event admission is $10 for adults, $5 for ages 6-12, and ages 5 and under are free. This event is a fundraiser for the non-profit Friends of the Antelope Valley Indian Museum, which provides funding to help keep the museum open.

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    Hypo-Allergenic Ear Wires

    Good evening friends and first time visitors!

    I have metal allergies I’ve inherited from my mom. Hers are bad enough she can’t carry change in her pocket without getting a rash, or wear a watch that has a metal pin in the band. Mine seem to be isolated to earrings, but they make it hard to wear them because unless the posts or wires are gold, my earlobes become itchy, inflamed, and then infected, depending on how long I keep the earrings in. Then I have to keep wearing them in my poor irritated ears, or as the infection heals, my holes close up. The typical hypo-allergenic silver-toned ear wires you can buy from most jewelry suppliers is a bit of a joke because it takes about an hour for a fairly bad reaction to occur with my earlobes.

    My good friend Tracy at Art Resurrected sent me a link one day explaining the different types of ear wires, and which are least likely to cause a reaction in people with various sensitivities. I’ve since lost the link, but I remembered that niobium ear wires are supposed to be non-reactive for basically everyone, so when I placed my last order with Fire Mountain Gems, I ordered a pack of five pairs of niobium ear wires to try.

    Today I swapped out the silver toned hypo-allergenic wires for the new niobium on my five favorite pairs of earrings and I’m happy to say I’ve had zero reaction to them even after an entire day. This is pretty exciting because I love earrings but could barely wear them because let’s face it, gold jewelry is expensive and often the fun pieces are not made of high dollar components. Of course the downside of the niobium ear wires is cost- they are still pricey at about $2.00 per pair.

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    What’s New in the Shop?

    The last week or so has been crazy busy here, not just with the website issues (I’m still working to restore images to the blog for the 2013 posts) but with creating all sorts of new items for the shop. A lot of the new arrivals are perfect for Halloween! Here’s just a few of them.

    Skull earrings handmade from polymer clay. I have these in pink, blue, green, purple, and black. The colors are all pastels.
    Skull earrings handmade from polymer clay. I have these in pink, blue, green, purple, and black. The colors are all pastels. $9.99

    Red and teal handmade polymer clay bow earrings. I can make these in other colors as well.
    Red and teal handmade polymer clay bow earrings. I can make these in other colors as well. $5.99

    Handmade polymer clay and glass beaded necklace with square mirror.
    Handmade polymer clay and glass beaded necklace with square mirror. $17.49

    Halloween cats earring and necklace set with seashell and resin cats and acrylic and glass beads.
    Halloween cats earring and necklace set with seashell and resin cats and acrylic and glass beads. $15.49

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    Back to Work!

    E1I received an order yesterday for a pair of these so I spent the evening stitching them up. These and my girly skull earrings are my best sellers and I never remember to make an extra pair to have on hand. Doh!

    These shipped out this morning and hopefully make someone’s daughter very happy!

    I recently became enamored with the idea of learning to play the ukulele. Of course I need to get one before I can learn to play it, which means I need to make some sales. Money… There’s never enough of it!

    Last Monday I took some of my jewelry items with me to pool league and I sold 3 bracelets and would have sold two pairs of earrings but we missed each other in the way out. Hopefully she still wants them next week. If she does, that will put me at about the $50 mark plus some survey money I have coming in. I found one online I think I like for  about $100 but I also made the mistake of going into a music store and falling in love with a ridiculously beautiful one that is marked at $300. I really should stick with the budget one though as I don’t even know if I’ll be any good and it’d be a shame to spend a fortune and not stick with it.

    Anyway, my earrings are shipped and I’ve spent most of the afternoon doing surveys online until I could finally cash out. With the cash out I’m expecting in a few days, and hopefully the sale I should make on MOnday, I will very soon have my ukulele! I’m so excited!

    Now its time for me to work on my donation to the Bark at the Park though. October will be here in no time!

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    Making Miniatures!



    When I first bought my polymer clay, I watched a ton of videos, mostly on making miniature food. I was totally fascinated by it. There are people out there that make the most realistic looking polymer clay minis that it seems strange that you can’t actually eat them. SugarCharmShop on YouTube is one of them. Check out this amazing mini ham tutorial! Her work is impressive whether its this ham, or a plain old donut!


    Anyway, the day before yesterday I started making miniatures- ice cream cone earrings. Each set was a little better than the last, and except for one pair going from mint chocolate chip to a beautiful gunmetal grey in the oven, they turned out fantastic. The pair that turned colors didn’t burn, it just got dark- the cone stayed the same tan color it went in as.

    At right is my pair of blue bubblegum ice cream earrings, and below are my pistachio ones- they are both in shop as well for purchase. I tried a few different things with texturing the cones as well, but what I was doing first seemed to work the best.


    I decided to give the light colored ice cream scoops eyes, and then after baking them, applied a coat of acrylic paint which I think wiped off of the outer surfaces. Using a color a few shades darker gets it worked into the low spots and gives more definition to the piece.

    Today I finished up the last few pairs of ice cream cones, and I realized I have a wire stipling tool in my kit that I didn’t realize I had. Using the stipling tool made me able to make the ice cream cone drips look somewhat foamy and more natural.


    After the ice cream cones, I decided I’d try making toast. The toast turned out so easy and I might actually do a tutorial on how to make them. Its pretty much forming a nice organic square shape, indenting the sides near the top, stipling the heck out of the open surfaces, and then brushing on some chalk pastels onto the top (more on the top because that part of the bread is always browner) and sides, and then to the open surfaces in a toaster-eque pattern.

    I ended up making a second set, this time with butter with a little help from Tracy at Art Resurrected and they turned out super cute. Both are in my shop. Just click on Jewelry.

    Anyway, I need to work on my knitting and stop playing with clay for a bit. That’s the plan anyway. We’ll see what actually happens!