Spring Cleaning!

Do you guys remember what this means? Two years ago in spring, I was breaking up with my ex and I threw away, sold, or donated about 60% of my things.

Last year, with no special circumstance, I got rid of a ton of stuff again.

And this year is no different!

I’ve already purged my shop of things I didn’t love, listings for items I no longer had, and added new items that I kept putting off.

I’ve donated a ton more stuff, and I’m still finding things to sell or donate.

Right now I’m taking a good hard look at my books. I have so many books that I loved once upon a time but now they’re just taking up space. Time to let so many of them go.

I’ve also got fabrics I’m not going to use that I’m working on listing for sale. Some are full yardages, and others are project leftovers. I’d like to be able to organize the remaining fabrics into my drawers neatly, and have an entire drawer available for collecting things for swaps.

I’m also thinking about painting again. I have that event coming up in two weeks (see my last post) and it would be cool to have a few fun paintings to try to sell.

Tomorrow I’m thinking about looking at my ring blanks and maybe doing something with those. Maybe some glitter encrusted polymer clay “stones” set into them. I have some glitter that will look just like an opal!

I’ve Been Painting!

For the record, I’m a terrible painter. Maybe not really terrible, but mediocre at best. I’m pretty sure my paintings could be the work of a small child. My good friend says they’re folky. Sounds better than what I’ve been saying… Lol.

Anyway, I started with a canvas and a randomly selected colored pencil. I spent about 2 minutes sketching out a roughly dog-shaped form, a few background details, and then set to work.

The first thing I did was paint in the large areas with solid colors.

It took two layers of paint to get even coverage but then I started adding details – in this case, bold outlines.

(sorry. That photo has awful lighting)

It still looks pretty flat and dull, but I slowly added more detail and depth, added bits of other colors, and I ended up with this.

And you know? I’m pretty freaking happy with how it turned out. Sure, it’s not perfect, and a kid could probably do better, but I like it.


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Also, please have some idea of what you are looking for if you feel you are ready to begin a project. There is nothing worse from a designers standpoint than a client who says “I don’t know what I want, but I’m sure I’ll know it when I see it.” That only adds up to much higher charges on your bill because of many hours wasted designing and re-designing, and more headache for me as I have no idea what you might want or like. It just makes everything go smoother and easier for all of us.

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Upcoming Sewing Project

Not this week because I just bought a new dress for a wedding I am attending Saturday, but next week I plan to stop by Joann’s and pick up some fabric for this fantastic skirt project. I stumbled across it the other week, and the more I look at it, the more I want to go back and recreate it.

I won’t be using the rainbow color scheme, but am thinking starting black on the top, and working my way through the grey spectrum to end in a white layer on the bottom tier, and am thinking about edging it with a scalloped lace to finish it off.

The hard part will be finding enough different shades of grey to work my way through the spectrum, but the good thing will be I will only need a half a yard or so of each color. Hopefully I can find a good diversity of patterns to keep it interesting to the eye.

Not sure about the waistband yet, and what color I am going to do it- white would be a logical choice to balance the white bottom, but at the same time, I think it would also be a great time to add a color into it- maybe a black and red polka dotted fabric, or black and purple. Hard decisions abound!

I’ll be sure to take many photos of the progress once I get started and post them. Its been a while since I’ve had a fun sewing project to work on. Now if only I had a sewing machine here at the house.