Simplicity 3797 – Dress View A

I decided my next project was going to be the dress from Simplicity 3797. I opened up the bottom drawer of my fabric storage and pulled out the first thing I saw that there might be enough of. That first fabric pick was 3 yards of a deep red floral print cotton I bought about 6 years ago along with a similar blue print and a medium grey/charcoal grey print, the latter two of which I made some peasant type shirts out of that basically required cutting two gigantic vaguely shirt shaped pieces and added lots of elastic to give it the right shape via gathering. I checked the sizing and fabric needs for the dress on the envelope and confirmed I needed 2 3/4 yards. I hadn’t pre-washed this fabric yet, and needed to do laundry so I threw all of our black clothes (which is 90% of the laundry) in with the fabric. I left out the few lighter colors because I didn’t want everything to be pink.I sat down to start cutting out the pattern pieces while I waited.

Fabric washed and dried, I laid it out on the carpet (I don’t have room on my tables for fabric cutting) and starting arranging the pattern pieces.


On 44″ wide fabric this pattern was super easy to layout and make everything fit. I had no issues at all, and actually had about 12″ x 12″ left at the end plus smaller, stringier scraps.


I could actually make a few small zippered bags out of what’s left, or use them for practicing my piecing when I get read to make that quilt. Note to self- Buy more straight pins.


Tomorrow I need to cut out the interfacing pieces I need, and start stitching. I’m hoping to get this at least half done tomorrow before it either gets too hot or I just need a break. There is one pattern piece in this one that I have no idea what its for- I”ll have to read through all of the construction directions before I start and figure it out.

See you all tomorrow!

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