Simplicity 3797 – Dress View A Part 2

As you know, I started sewing this dress a few days ago, and was expecting smooth sailing all the way through. I made a few minor changes, adding pockets, (which i had to cut twice… 😐 ) and everything was going fine. Then as I was putting the zipper in, I saw somehow my side edges where the zipper goes were not lining up properly. I figured out where the problem was, and when I started unpicking the stitches to take the top band off of the dress so I could fix things, my fabric decided to rip instead. I ended up cutting the top band off, losing about 1/2″ from the top of the bodice.The I found out I didn’t have enough of the same fabric left over to re-cut the band pieces again, so I ended up using some black and white gingham instead. The two fabrics looked better together than I would have thought they would.

So, smooth sailing again right? I found the problem, I re-cut and I fixed it, right? Wrong. Everything seemed to be going fine. I tried the dress on and it fit. I sew the straps on. The I try the dress on one last time. Erm. I tried to try the dress on, but now that the straps are on it, I can’t open the side enough even with the zipper open all the way to actually get the dress more than halfway on. WTF?!?

I re-read the directions about five more times and quite simply I can’t see where the problem is, and the only way to actually get the dress on is to take off the left strap. From here on out, this dress will be known as Murphy. As in Murphy’s Law. Anyway, here she is. My one strap wonder.



It actually looks pretty good from the front. Of course having both straps it would look better, but that doesn’t seem like a possibility here. The addition of the pockets does kind of mess with the general shape of the dress, but not too much, and I decided a lot time ago I would be adding pockets to pretty much everything that did not already have them.

The side view isn’t so hot. This dress was definitely made for a more slender shape than I have, and having my belly out in front like that does not help the way this dress looks on me at all. I was iffy about how it would actually look on me, and now I have the answer.


I do not like the rear view at all, but its not the dress’ fault. It’s my overweight body packing curves in places where they don’t belong and making the dress sit oddly. But in a way this photo makes me feel good. I’ve lost 40+ pounds and I can’t even imagine how badly this dress would look if I hadn’t lost that weight already.

So, Simplicity 3797, you had some issues but overall you were okay. I just really wish I could figure out that strap issue. Maybe if there was about three more inches to the straps I could have slipped it on with them both in place, but then the straps would be far too long.


I fixed the strap issue and the solution was so painfully obvious I feel like a ‘tard for not thinking of it sooner. Like before I took all those pictures. I realized all I had to do was make that strap detachable in the front so I can undo it and redo it as needed. I sewed the strap back on in the back, added a buttonhole to the front end of the strap, and added a button to the inside of the front of the dress. It took me hours to think of the solution, but only minutes to implement it. Here’s a new pic of the top, and I replaced yesterday’s pics with new ones as well up ^^^ there.

And you know, the gingham is kind of growing on me there. Tomorrow I need to clean up my craft room as there is pieces of red, and black and white fabric everywhere, my tape measure is on the floor, buttons are all over the table, pins are scattered, it looks like a hurricane swept through there. I’m a messy worker when I’m frustrated.

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