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New TLDs Coing Next Year

There are only a handful of TLDs available now, many of which we all recognize instantly. .COM .NET .ORG .EDU. You probably also would recognize some popular country-named TLDs such as .JP and .DE. But starting early next year, there is a slew of possible new TLDs that will be created. There are billions of sites on the internet, and only a finite number of domain names that can be registered. The ones that are available, well, the best ones are already taken- the best being short, simple, and easy to remember.

In 2013, there will be literally hundreds of new TLDs available. Some, such as .DESIGN, or .DIET (I also run a weight loss blog on this vast internet) hold a little appeal for me, but many just seem tacky. Which ones do I find tacky? The ones that are brand names, such as .GUCCI. Most of these brands who will have a TLD option in the new year already have a huge presence, and it feels like overkill for them to be able to be able to call themselves with a self-named TDL online.

You can see the full list of future TDLs here. Will you be taking advantage of some of the new TDLs to set up the perfect online face? Which ones do you like the best? Which ones turn you off?

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