Merry Christmas!

m6396I’ve added two more pattern to my stash over the holiday, one being this cute jumper pattern, and the other being this reversible coat. The jumper pattern I grabbed off of eBay after watching it for quite a while, and the coat pattern came from my mom for Christmas. I’m looking forward to sewing both of them, though I don’t really have any fabrics in mind for either one just yet.

I also have received my packages with both the cranberry corduroy fabric and the floral Moda fabric, and they are gorgeous! Both will work perfectly for what I had planned for them, and I can’t wait to get started.

Mattie’s mom got me a $25.00 gift card to Joann’s. I was able to get a new box of pins, as I have a bad habit of sewing over mine and they’re mostly bent all to hell and back, a thread spool rack, which i am going to mount on the wall to better organize my threads, and a 9″ round cake pan, because we have cupcake pans but not actual cake pans, and I don’t always want cupcakes or muffins!

I had hoped to have the corduroy jumper finished for Christmas, but there just wasn’t that much time and well, its Christmas today and the fabric is sitting on the coffee table waiting to go out back to my craft room.

I hope everyone is having a great holiday with their family, friends, or both, that you’re enjoying good food, and that your day is all you hoped it would be. I’ll be spending this evening with Mattie’s dad, brother, and our roommate, and we’re having steaks for dinner. Its going to be a great meal with apple cider to drink, and plenty of fun! Merry Christmas!

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