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Making Miniatures!



When I first bought my polymer clay, I watched a ton of videos, mostly on making miniature food. I was totally fascinated by it. There are people out there that make the most realistic looking polymer clay minis that it seems strange that you can’t actually eat them. SugarCharmShop on YouTube is one of them. Check out this amazing mini ham tutorial! Her work is impressive whether its this ham, or a plain old donut!


Anyway, the day before yesterday I started making miniatures- ice cream cone earrings. Each set was a little better than the last, and except for one pair going from mint chocolate chip to a beautiful gunmetal grey in the oven, they turned out fantastic. The pair that turned colors didn’t burn, it just got dark- the cone stayed the same tan color it went in as.

At right is my pair of blue bubblegum ice cream earrings, and below are my pistachio ones- they are both in shop as well for purchase. I tried a few different things with texturing the cones as well, but what I was doing first seemed to work the best.


I decided to give the light colored ice cream scoops eyes, and then after baking them, applied a coat of acrylic paint which I think wiped off of the outer surfaces. Using a color a few shades darker gets it worked into the low spots and gives more definition to the piece.

Today I finished up the last few pairs of ice cream cones, and I realized I have a wire stipling tool in my kit that I didn’t realize I had. Using the stipling tool made me able to make the ice cream cone drips look somewhat foamy and more natural.


After the ice cream cones, I decided I’d try making toast. The toast turned out so easy and I might actually do a tutorial on how to make them. Its pretty much forming a nice organic square shape, indenting the sides near the top, stipling the heck out of the open surfaces, and then brushing on some chalk pastels onto the top (more on the top because that part of the bread is always browner) and sides, and then to the open surfaces in a toaster-eque pattern.

I ended up making a second set, this time with butter with a little help from Tracy at Art Resurrected and they turned out super cute. Both are in my shop. Just click on Jewelry.

Anyway, I need to work on my knitting and stop playing with clay for a bit. That’s the plan anyway. We’ll see what actually happens!



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