It’s Finally Finished (Crochet Blanket)

After exactly 6 weeks, I finished my second crochet project ever, my Granny Ripple blanket. This crochet blanket is just big enough for our queen sized bed. My original plan was to do 4 repeats of the rainbow but it turned out that 3 were enough. Aside from my foundation chain being too tight and it making my ripple a bit wonky on that edge, I had no issues with it and it turned out super well! A few suggestions were made about my foundation chain issues such as using a technique to use actual stitches for my foundation instead of a chain (forget what its called) or to go up a hook size when chaining.


I’m trying hard this weekend to finish my knit blanket so I can move onto my next project- I want to do a pink and white baby blanket using the leftover white yarn from my knit blanket, and the rose colored yarn of the same type I got super cheap off of Amazon.

Hopefully sometimes Monday I’ll be posting photos of my finished knit blanket too!

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