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Hypo-Allergenic Ear Wires

Good evening friends and first time visitors!

I have metal allergies I’ve inherited from my mom. Hers are bad enough she can’t carry change in her pocket without getting a rash, or wear a watch that has a metal pin in the band. Mine seem to be isolated to earrings, but they make it hard to wear them because unless the posts or wires are gold, my earlobes become itchy, inflamed, and then infected, depending on how long I keep the earrings in. Then I have to keep wearing them in my poor irritated ears, or as the infection heals, my holes close up. The typical hypo-allergenic silver-toned ear wires you can buy from most jewelry suppliers is a bit of a joke because it takes about an hour for a fairly bad reaction to occur with my earlobes.

My good friend Tracy at Art Resurrected sent me a link one day explaining the different types of ear wires, and which are least likely to cause a reaction in people with various sensitivities. I’ve since lost the link, but I remembered that niobium ear wires are supposed to be non-reactive for basically everyone, so when I placed my last order with Fire Mountain Gems, I ordered a pack of five pairs of niobium ear wires to try.

Today I swapped out the silver toned hypo-allergenic wires for the new niobium on my five favorite pairs of earrings and I’m happy to say I’ve had zero reaction to them even after an entire day. This is pretty exciting because I love earrings but could barely wear them because let’s face it, gold jewelry is expensive and often the fun pieces are not made of high dollar components. Of course the downside of the niobium ear wires is cost- they are still pricey at about $2.00 per pair.

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