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Craft Daft!

Saturday night Mattie and I were at friends’ and I was chatting with my friend Tracy via messenger. Tracy is a fellow crafter and all around brilliant creative mind. I’d say this conversation was divergent from the norm, but that would be a lie because all of our conversations go kind of like this.

Me : I bought some novelty buttons today that look like bees. I’m not sure why. They should be here midweek.
Tracy : Do you need bee buttons?
Me : No, but maybe I can make a beehive hat? Lol
Tracy : Beehive hat… Never thought you would be interested in something like that.
Me : There is a hat pattern on ravelry.com called Wurm that I think in the right colors would look like an old cartoon style beehive with some small modifications.
Tracy : Um…what occasions do you plan to wear this too?
Me : Haha I have no idea. To the beekeepers convention?
Tracy : You don’t keep bees. Lol
Me : Um… Erm… I… Uh… I honestly have no good answer.
Tracy : I think you are getting as bad as me. Lol
Me : Craft daft?
Tracy : Yes. And buy supplies with crazy ideas in mind for no good reason.

I’m positive that we are not the only crafters out there with this problem, and lots of you are also buying up random supplies with a wild idea vaguely in mind or just because the impulse struck, and you were sure you could use them one day. I personally now really want to make the beehive hat and saw some yarns at Joann’s which would work perfectly for that I had in mind!

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