Chunky T-Shirt Choker or Necklace

I was out at my Mom’s house Friday night and found some old jewelry I had made some time back. One of them caught my eye as the perfect thing to wear to the wedding I am going to tonight. It is a chunky necklace made out of fat wooden beads, and a strip of old t-shirt material. If you ever do any crafting, you probably already have everything you need on hand to do this.

The construction is super simple. Take an old t-shirt in whatever color you want your necklace or choker to be, and cut a strip that is about 6 to 8  inches longer then the length you want it to be, and wide enough to wrap around your beads twice. You don’t want to skimp on the width because otherwise your beads might fall out. If your beads have a circumference of 2 inches, you’ll want the fabric strip to be 4 inches wide.

Starting in the middle, lay one bead down and roll the width of the fabric around it. Take a piece of narrow ribbon and tie it in a knot next to the bead. Do this on each side of it. I left my tails long and dangling, but you could cut them off and secure the knots with a dab of hot glue.

Work your way along the length of the strip, adding beads and ribbon until you have as many as you’d like.

To wear it, just tie the ends of the fabric behind your neck.

You could dress it up using other fabric types too. Smaller beads inside and a dressier fabric might create an entirely different style and feel.

Upcoming Sewing Project

Not this week because I just bought a new dress for a wedding I am attending Saturday, but next week I plan to stop by Joann’s and pick up some fabric for this fantastic skirt project. I stumbled across it the other week, and the more I look at it, the more I want to go back and recreate it.

I won’t be using the rainbow color scheme, but am thinking starting black on the top, and working my way through the grey spectrum to end in a white layer on the bottom tier, and am thinking about edging it with a scalloped lace to finish it off.

The hard part will be finding enough different shades of grey to work my way through the spectrum, but the good thing will be I will only need a half a yard or so of each color. Hopefully I can find a good diversity of patterns to keep it interesting to the eye.

Not sure about the waistband yet, and what color I am going to do it- white would be a logical choice to balance the white bottom, but at the same time, I think it would also be a great time to add a color into it- maybe a black and red polka dotted fabric, or black and purple. Hard decisions abound!

I’ll be sure to take many photos of the progress once I get started and post them. Its been a while since I’ve had a fun sewing project to work on. Now if only I had a sewing machine here at the house.

Simplicity 3797 – Jacket View E

I’ve sewn Simplicity 3797 twice now, once as pictured in a skull-themed print fleece, and once with a complete lining in a cherry themed fabric so it was actually a warm jacket. While I had to create a new pattern piece in order to sew the version with a full lining, it was still really simple and easy to do. The lining is red satin and the lapels are red and white striped costume satin.


us-234x300I think it took me about 90 minutes to construct the one pictured at left from start to finish as its a very basic design and there’s nothing complicated about it. The lined one took about twice as long as there are twice as many pieces and seams to sew.

Both of these were done in a size 22, and while the unlined one turned out perfect, the lined one has a few minor issues I need to address- namely I think I forgot to lockstitch one of the seams in the lining and its coming open near the shoulders on one side. I also would like to take it in a size or two if I am going to deconstruct it to repair it as I’ve lost quite a bit of weight since I made it.

Bead Me This!

I am finishing up the flat spiral stitch bracelet that was supposed to go with my necklace and earrings back in October. I should be finished with it before I go to bed tonight, and will be posting pictures of it soon. Of course right now I am wishing I had ordered enough of the Swarovski crystals to do a double-row of the stitch, so I may wait on adding a clasp and order more crystals to do so later. I know it will be gorgeous either way but it will really have some extra oomph if I do decide to double it up.

This is a piece I was really excited to make and then once I got started, I kept putting it on hold even though the design is much easier to make than I had expected. If you’re not familiar with the flat spiral stitch, you can check out this great video that explain show it is done. Beadaholique is an excellent source of both information and components- I have bought beads and findings from them many times over the years. They’re prices are not the lowest but I’ve never been disappointed with what I have received from them.