Butterick 5350 – The Resurrection is Complete!

I went out to get Subway for dinner, so I stopped by Walmart on my way there and grabbed a zipper to dive in and finish Butterick 5350. When I got home, I stitched the zipper in, and hemmed the bottom. I was a little worried about the dress not zipping up, but there was no reason to be worried. It not only zips up, it actually fits really well. There was even an added bonus to the slightly adjustments I made to the fit of the bodice- I can literally get away without wearing a bra (no need to worry about bra straps showing) and still be supported enough unless I decide to go running, which is highly unlikely.

Some of the changes I made from the original pattern are as follows.

  • I ended up adding a small pleat to the lower edge of the bodice towards the outer side of the front. This was to take up some extra fabric that didn’t line up with the skirt. Considering I have no idea what size the skirt was originally cut as, I wasn’t surprised to see that there were some small issues with lining things up.
  • I added a front center seam to the bodice. This was due to me not checking to see which side of my fabric was the fold and which wasn’t. My bodice front pieces were supposed to be cut on the fold. They weren’t. Dumb mistake, but easily worked around.
  • The waist of the dress is actually supposed to have two bands, one above the other. I apparently never cut both or if I did, I threw the other one out with the scrapped bodice. Leaving one out gave the dress an empire waist, which I love.
  • I cut the cap sleeves 2 sizes larger than the bodice to give me a little more coverage. Its only a difference of about a inch of fabric width on each one, but I think its an improvement.
  • B5350-front-finish


I like that the length is short enough to be a little flirty, but not so short as to be totally immodest and make me wonder how much leg I’m really showing. I also love the cap sleeves, which were maybe the easiest “sleeves” I have ever and probably ever will make. They were simply slight ovals, folded in half, and stitched onto the bodice. It also reminds me a bit of an older dress style with the capped sleeves and empire waist, but not sure when. I’ll have to research that a bit.



I’m really proud of myself for actually having my two back pieces line up perfectly. I’m not sure I’ve ever had that actually happen before, so it feels like an accomplishment. The only thing I’m not super happy with in this dress is the pockets. I added pockets to the dress in my first go at it, but I didn’t think to shift them down a little when I re-made the dress, so the pockets sit a little too high. That’s fairly minor though as I’ll probably never put more than my car keys in them anyway.

And finishing this off lets me mark one thing off of my list of projects to re-make before Summer arrives! If I have the orange corduroy jacket here at the house, I’d like to tear it down next and get it ready to wear come cooler weather.

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