Butterick 5350 – Can It Be Saved?

About 4 years ago, I “attempted” to cut and sew this dress- Butterick 5350. I was doing View C, which has the sleeveless top with the deep v-neckline. I ended up making such a mess of the bodice pieces when I cut them, I literally could not sew it together. Nothing lined up, and not just by a little. I mean by 2+ inches. It was a disaster, and I ended up scrapping the bodice and making just the skirt, which was its own brand of messy. The waistband didn’t match up on either side of the zipper, and it was just bad. I can’t put my finger on why, but it was just ugly. Really, really ugly. If you want to know how ugly, you can do a search for this pattern in the archives and see the monstrosity that is the skirt. I blame part of its ugliness on poor fabric choices, but shoddy construction and that awful lining did not help.

Yesterday I re-cut the bodice, this time choosing to do View B with the cap sleeves, and stitched the bodice save for adding the sleeves. Today I stitched together the sleeves, attached the skirt to the waistband (which only has one band, not two as in the original design), and attached the bodice to the waistband. This will result in a higher waistline on the dress, which I rather like. I also really like how the sleeves look on View B. The skirt lining is going into the trash. Its pretty awful, and if I decide at some later date it needs a lining, it won’t be using that fabric.

I literally only have the bottom hem to put in, and to put a zipper in it. It fits my dress form fairly well, but I’ve yet to try it on me. I think it should fit though- its a little loose in the bust on the dress form, which I still need to pad a bit to make match me, and seems to be good everywhere else.

I may or may not go out for a zipper tonight. It depends on whether or not I am getting Subway for dinner. Here’s the front view of the dress as it stands now on my dress form.



I really wish I had taken photos of how bad this was the first time I tried to make it to compare. The panels come together in the back in a way where they line up almost perfectly, and its worlds better than it was. I still feel like the fabric choices in the skirt and waistband are ridiculous but I feel like the plain black bodice has really helped even it out and there’s a good chance I won’t be embarrassed to wear it. And it has pockets! Pockets are the one reason (or I should say lack of pockets) I shy away from wearing dresses a lot of the time. I need somewhere to stash a few small items on my person.

One way or another, I will have this finished tomorrow and will hopefully be posting photos of me modelling it.

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