B5350 Maybe Not a Total Loss

b5350frontAbout three years ago, I cut all of the pieces for Butterick’s 5350, and some time later sat down to start constructing it. What I discovered was that 1) I had gained so much weight there was no way this dress would fit, and 2) when I cut the pieces I can only imagine I was drunk (haha because I don’t really drink and haven’t been drunk in 4+ years) because nothing was cut correctly or evenly. I attempted to construct it just the same, hoping I could make adjustments as I went, but nothing was lining up, and short of re0cutting the entire dress, I threw it into a pile of unfinished projects with hopes of coming up for a plan for it later. The biggest problems were in the bodice. The skirt panels lined up pretty well, but from the waistband up, nothing matched up with the other side, and some parts were just plain wonky. Really wonky. The lining pieces didn’t match up with the outer shell at all in some places.
Yesterday I took my seam ripper to it, and separated the bodice from the skirt, and also removed the skirt lining completely. After some fiddling, I ended up folding the wide waistband of the dress in half, creating a skirt waistband with heavy interfacing out of it, putting in a short, skirt-length zipper, and attaching the now-skirt lining as it should have been. Its not perfect, and one side of the waistband in the back is slightly wider than the other, but I honestly feel like I made the best out of what was a total train wreck. And since I’ve lost quite a bit of weight from the last time I messed with this, it actually fits perfectly now.

b5350rearThe fabrics are two cherry prints, one on a solid black background, the other on a black and white gingham, and the lining is a cherry red satin. I’m rather proud of myself for getting the zipper in pretty smoothly and evenly, and I almost succeeded in making it invisible. Now I just have to hope this thing holds up in the wash- as many issues as I have had with this pattern from start til now, it wouldn’t surprise me at all to pull a ball of thread out after putting in t wash and dry. This is another one I should be calling Murphy!

Front view. I guess I need to clean off my camera lens here next time I use it. There’s a pretty big spot on it! I do especially like the fact that the skirt is high-waisted.
Rear view. You can’t see it in this picture, but where the waistband lines up at the zipper, one side is a bit wider than the other. To me, its glaringly obvious, but I guess most people won’t even notice unless I point it out.
Bright red satin lining! I hate how my legs look almost as white at the white of the gingham. I could light up a room with my pale skin!

b5350liningI am hoping to make my next project to finish up the skirt I cut a few months ago. Its also going to have a satin lining, which will make it better for winter wear. The fabric isn’t as fun though for that one- its a medium to dark grey tweedy-type stuff, and rather rough to the tough. After that, I have a bathrobe to make!

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