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Adventures in Knitting

Several weeks ago I decided to teach myself to knit. I went onto You Tube and looked up some videos. I picked one and learned what I thought was the basic knit stitch. I did a little half ass project to get the feel of things and then started on a wide scarf. After I had finished 40″ of my scarf, I realized I am supposed to be working left to right, and then back right to left. The whole time I was working left to right, then flipping my work over and working left to right again. I talked to my friend Christy and she asked for some photos. I sent her this.



She said this was known as garter stitch. Then I sent her this photo showing when I worked left to right and then right to left.



She said this was stockingette stitch. She also said I apparently knit backwards, which explained why the other videos I watched after the first one all did everything the opposite of the first video I had watched.

That was the point I decided to just say the heck with it and mix things up and try out new things. My next thing was ribbing, which turned out fantastic as far as I’m concerned. Its so springy and soft.



So, I can knit a couple of different stitches, I can purl, and I did finish my scarf. Is it pretty? No. The colors work okay together but its just a mes with the different stitches, the obviousness that I am still learning, and that bit where I discovered that stockingette stitch will roll and garter stitch will not. In short, its a mess but its okay because it gave me hours of practice.

hatAfter that, I started working on a hat. I only had a single 16″ circular needle, and I was able to get fairly close to being done before I had to stop and get different needles. I tried the magic loop method to finish it up but that proved way too awkward for me, so the needles I ordered were a set of double pointed needles (5 of them) and a 9″ circular needle, which proved way more awkward than working with five different needles at once.

Its a terrible photo, but I finished what I am counting as my first legitimate knitting project and it turned out great! I’m really happy with it and I honestly want to make another one right now. I had no idea knitting was going to prove so enjoyable, and so simple to learn, and wish I had tried it sooner. Its a fantastic TV watching hobby.

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