Lady’s Beehive Slouchy Hat *w/story*


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This fun and fabulous beehive hat was supposed to be mine to keep, but its just a bit too tight on my ginormous head. However, it should fit most average ladies without a problem.

And that night, she dreamed of bees. The buzz, the industrious crawling about, the softness of their wax and the sweetness of their precious honey. She dreamed of the life they bring to the plants, and the pleasant sight of them moving from blossom to blossom. The memory stayed with her when she awoke, and she reached for her yarn and knitting needles, casting on the Wurm hat pattern in honey and mustard. She sewed on tiny bee-shaped buttons all over the hat, and she felt it was perfect. Then she tried it on, and found, to her intense disappointment, it was a bit too tight for her overly-large head. Ah, but it would make someone else who has dreamed of bees very happy!

Machine wash and dryable. Acrylic yarns.

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