Fringed Cowl in Red, Brown, and Black


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This unique fringed cowl is in shades of maroon, brown, and black, and features a mobius twist as well. Its unique styling is all my own as I created the pattern this is made from.

“Make it manly,” he instructed. “But modern. And unique too. Can you do that?” She dug through her precious yarn stash, and chose some masculine, coordinating colors. Burgundy, brown, and black. She selected a crochet hook, and got to work. Double crochets, single crochets, switching colors. Joining the ends together into a round cowl with more stitches. Then fringe. Because why not fringe? Fringe was fun, and it would give the cowl a unique look since it was horizontal fringe instead of vertical. Break the rules a little; why not?

Acrylic yarn- machine wash and dry.

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