Bubblegum Crochet Penis Amigurumi


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“Now where did I leave that…” muttered the bubblegum monster. “I just can’t seem to recall where I left it.” He tossed pillows from his bed onto the floor, and threw back the sheets. “Its not here! Now what am I going to do?” He was becoming agitated, the Monsters Only Kinky Play Party was tonight and he couldn’t go without his genitalia. It just wouldn’t do. Sometimes it just was not all it was cracked up to be to have detachable body parts, especially those body parts. He didn’t want to miss yet another play party because of the same old issue. Maybe a monster surgeon could permanently affix them somehow.

This bubblegum crochet penis amigurumi measures 20″ from the tip of the head to the bottom of the balls. Its shaft is 9.5″ around, and it is stuffed with polyester fiberfill. The colors are the pink and that medium blue that the old bubblegum ice cream used to come in. The balls on this one are very asymmetrical- one is much larger and they are hung unevenly. It’s very unique!

Each penis plushie is unique and not quite the same as the next. I can make these in any color you like, though for some combinations there may be an extra fee. This plushie is hand washable. Its not intended for children… for more reasons then one!

This penis weighs 9.5 oz and comes from a smoke-free but pet friendly home. Our two dogs have very limited access to my yarn, but a few hairs may find their way in.

Additional information

Weight 9.5 oz
Dimensions 8 × 18 in