About Kittyloaf Designs

You’ve come to this page to learn more about me and my work at Kittyloaf Designs, or at least I hope that’s why you’re here!

I started doing beadwork as a teenager after remembering a brief flirtation with a loom as a child. For a while I was trying everything – peyote stitching over small objects, clumsy brick stitch designs, and I even tried my hands at French beaded flowers which led me to the knowledge that working with wire is not for me. 

Then I wanted to learn to sew. I was better at beading, but I didn’t know anything about . I took a class to better learn the basics and have been learning all the time since. I sew most of my new clothes, plus make awesome . I recently bought a serger as well and I love it!

Later on I started working with polymer clay and resin and I occasionally do a little cross stitch as well.  I also learned to knit and and I cannot get enough of ! In the first few months of crocheting, I did 3 blankets, two of which were queen sized!

Besides all of my crafting, I also went to school for graphic design  and I also sell crafting supplies like sewing and beading patterns, and handmade .

If you see something you want, don’t be afraid to send me an email here and make me an offer. I might accept it! I’m also open to taking on some custom projects.

I live in Lancaster, CA, with my long term boyfriend and our two dogs.

Kittyloaf Designs is so named in memory of my cat . Though I only had him for about three years, he made a very lasting impression on me and is greatly missed. You can read more about here.