Whew! What A Crazy Night!

I discovered last night that my shipping module was no longer functioning, and some quick research showed me it probably had not worked correctly through a couple major updates of my shop software. Of course it would be infinitely helpful to receive occasional feedback when things aren’t working like they should, but that’s neither here nor there. The important thing is I found a new, even easier to configure shipping module and things are working again like they should.

Sadly, I checked the current rates for international shipping and have decided to suspend shipping outside of the USA. It’s just way too expensive for the value of the items I make.

I have a busy day tomorrow outside of the house, but I’m hoping to get a few new items added to the shop when I get home. Nothing big, but they are really fun items that I hope you will enjoy.

Nightmare Fuel


I made a brief post about this on the Facebook page, but I didn’t go into a lot of detail so I’ll try to explain what happened and what is going on now. Bear with me.

Previously, I had hosting associated with the domain name debslosingit.com and in that hosting I had a WordPress MU installation. MU lets you host multiple sites under a single installation.  One of the secondary sites under it was this one, and I used a domain mapping plug in to make it appear that Kittyloaf Designs was under its own hosting package. For the most part it looked great and I’m betting you were none the wiser. Everything looked great.

Then I decided that my personal blog, which was housed under the debslosingit.com domain name wasn’t something I wanted to continue any longer so I opted to stop paying for it and let it expire. That meant I needed to switch the primary domain on my hosting to the kittyloafdesigns.com one, which was done quickly and easily.

Before that was done, I removed the domain mapping plug in from my WordPress installation so it wouldn’t cause any problems. Unfortunately I think it did something to my site so that even when it was removed, everything was redirected back to debslosingit.com which of course no longer existed. And because everything redirected, I had no way to access the back end of my site to try to fix it. My web host was at a loss and I couldn’t find anything to help me fix it. I was extremely upset and freaking out. Aside from all of the work involved to recreate the site, there was also the matter of getting my permalinks in the same style or I would lose all of my search engine rankings I’d grown in the last 5 years or so.

I (luckily before anything was changed) ended up making back-ups of my shop items, orders, posts, and pages, and literally deleting everything and starting over from nothing. I spent most of Tuesday re-uploading all of the images to my shop because while all the prices, descriptions, and other info was there in my export files, photos were not. I was upset and exasperated but I finally got everything except for 4 items straightened out, which have been temporarily reduced to drafts until I can sort out their photos.

I’m still working on re-uploading the blog photos and I’m almost half finished. I’m not in such a rush to do them because ultimately they aren’t as important but I do expect to have them finished by the week’s end. I’m also trying to look at the good side of this. My hosting and domain bills will go down this renewal because this year I’m letting two domains go (debslosingit.com and debsinstitches.com) and if I’m lucky, I won’t need as much storage space and can downgrade my hosting plan as well. I’m seeing a lot of my images were uploaded twice, and many images for items I may have sold were never removed from the site, adding lots of megs of files I didn’t need.

Anyway, thanks for listening, and I hope that explains any weirdness you’ve seen in the site over the last few days. I’m working on it!

We’ve Made A Few Changes

Hello friends!

Over the last few weeks I’ve made some changes. If you’ve been to the site recently, you’ve likely seen the biggest ones right away. The most noticeable change is that I changed the way the website and shop look. I decided to go with an unmodified theme that was made especially to work with my shop software and the result is pretty good.

The second biggest thing that changed is I removed all of the graphic design portfolios from the site and am focusing purely on the shop aspect. I’ve also redone the menus to better focus on the shop and make it friendlier both on computers and on mobile devices. I haven’t been doing much graphic design and to be honest, the laptop I current have is awful and makes it nearly impossible. Less stuff = simpler to navigate.

The third thing, and this might interest you if you intend to place an order, is I got out my postal scale and I weighed almost every item in the shop and re-calculated shipping rates by the half ounce. What this means is you will get the absolute lowest possible shipping rate I can afford to give you. There is no way anyone can say my shipping rates are unfair! I hate paying too much for shipping, and I’m sure you do too.

The fourth thing is I’ve been adding new products like crazy! Your best bet is to pop by the site and see for yourself, but I’ll show you a few images from the new items here so email subscribers can get a quick peek.

There are several other new items, plus of course the other 200+ items that previously existed in the shop.

I’m planning to add more over the next week too, so pop in, have a look, and remember there is always a coupon code available. Right now and through the end of the year, that code is UKULELE for 20% off of everything. That includes sale items too!

I’ve also added a way to comment on and discuss items in my shop. You don’t have to log in or register to do it- just fill out a name, email address, and ask your question or leave a comment. Easy!

So Many Details

As I’ve been making changes to the layout of the site and tweaking the CSS, I’ve been having a friend take a peek for a second opinion. I felt all the changes were going smoothly, but she tried to load the new site in her Android phone using the default browser and discovered a big problem- the background was loading over the actual content. All she could see as a result was my background image spread across the screen.

Apparently this is a known issue with the theme I am working with, but I was able to find a snippet of CSS to force the background into the background where it belongs when viewed. I am hoping this issue is addressed in the next update of the theme, but until then, I’ve got all my modified files backed up and ready for the next updates in case those files are over-written.

Some of you probably think this is a lot of work, but I can never leave things as they are and if I see there is room for improvement, I try to make those improvements. Sometimes I get in over my head, but like nearly everything now, the internet can be a fantastic resource in finding out how to do a thing and learning how to solve your problem the next time you run into it.