McCall’s 6149 View B

After making four new dresses in four days, I decided to try something different today. I opted to give this pattern a try, and my opinions of it are mixed. I chose to do McCall’s 6149 View B, which is the one in the middle there on the right-hand side. What I didn’t realize when I started on this was how cropped this vest is- when I put it on, the bottom edge is just below my rib cage. If I had been paying more attention to the pattern pieces I would have known this sooner and I might not have sewn it, choosing something else to make instead.

I had a feeling from the beginning I was going to have issues with this pattern, so I chose fabrics I had a lot of and no idea what to do with them. The outer fabric is a very pale pink cotton with a darker pink floral design on it- the pattern is very delicate. The lining fabric I chose (and this was where the problems started for me) was a gold colored satin- not yellow gold, but more brownish gold. I need to find a better method for cutting slippery fabrics because my lining pieces were not cut as exact as they should have been, which posed problems getting things to line up properly later on.

After cutting all of the pieces (outer, lining, and interfacing) which took forever, I started piecing things together. The first two panels to be joined were super easy. But when I went to join those to the next panel, the problems started. When a pattern tells you to “clip edges as needed” do not skip this step! I had to sew these pieces together a total of 4 times (left, right, inner, outer) and by the time I got the fourth one I had it down. Unfortunately by the time I got there I was so frustrated with it I said the hell with ripping out the other three and starting over, so there’s some corners that don’t sit as smoothly as they should.


After that, the construction was pretty straight-forward and simple. I pieced everything together as much a possible before turning it right side out, fought to stitch as much of the remaining openings closed by machine as I could, and hand stitched the side seams of the lining on both sides to finish it off. Then I top stitched the edges all the way around to encourage the fabric to stay flat.



From a distance this vest looks fine. You can’t see the places where seams don’t match up inside and outside like they should, or the places where there’s a tiny crease or fold that shouldn’t be there if we’re standing there having a conversation. But I know they’re there, and it drives me batty to know about them. I don’t think I will work this pattern again unless maybe I did view C because its just not suited to my style.