Vogue 1235

I had planned on getting this dress  (Vogue 1235) started weeks ago, but finally yesterday I sat down to cut the pattern. As I was cutting it, my fears and apprehension about doing a Vogue pattern pretty much melted away as I saw how few pieces there were, and how easy it looked. I ended up sewing the whole thing in the same afternoon, aside from a few small tweaks I made to it today.


I did run into a few small issues, and I did make a few minor changes as I went. The way it wanted the pockets sewn in was confusing, and I stopped following the directions at that point. It just made more sense to put the pockets in the way I’ve always done it, and not try to sort out the instruction’s method.

I opted to leave out the contrasting waistband- this piece sites over the dress, and isn’t integral to the dress. The fabric I chose for this part really did not work well and just looked bad.  I also left out the waistline elastic, and the zipper, as the dress pulls easily over my head without it. I shortened the straps by about 5 inches too- as they were, the neckline would have been way too low!

The folds in the bust and pleats in the front of the dress proved to be easy enough to do, but as usual I had major issues with the gathering in the back on the dress. I can never get my gathers right no matter how hard I try.



v1235detailI also ran into minor issues with fabric bunching up on the bottom side and I had t rip stitches out and sew it again more carefully- its something I know I need to be more careful about because it happens a lot, and I will definitely be on alert about next time I work with a knit. Ripping stitches out of this was not fun!

I still haven’t hemmed it, and not sure if I will. Its not like it will fray, but the neurotic part of me says to hem the dam thing so I can stop thinking about whether to hem it or not.

Anyway, it turned out nicely. You can’t really see the detail in it because of the pattern, but there are lots of tiny folds in the lower bust, and pleats across the center front of the skirt. There was a lot more small detail in this then I expected, but it was still fun to make.

Sadly, I’m a little disappointed in it because it looks store-bought. Apparently I picked a perfectly commercial dress looking fabric for this one.

And not so sadly, my dress form is officially tooo small to use since I’ve lost 5 freaking pounds! Guess I need a new one soon. 🙂

Vogue 1235 Up Next

I’ve been wanting to start a new project- a real project, but since I’m still losing weight, I am hesitant to  do anything major because I’ll just have to remake it later on. What I’ve decided on is this knit dress pattern by Vogue. Vogue 1235.

I bought fabric for this dress many, many months ago, and have everything I need for it, I just need to do it. I’m planning on cutting this one size smaller than normal as I am on the lower edge of the size I am at, and I will still get more use out of it as I lose more weight before having to remake it. I’m also hoping that being a knit it will be fairly forgiving in fit until I am actually in the next size down.

Of course this opens a whole new realm of worries as I have an insane fear of Vogue patterns because I’ve heard they are very technical and can be difficult to sew. I’m going to hopefully get the pattern pieces cut tomorrow, and maybe start cutting this weekend.

I’ll keep you all posted on my progress as I go and I’ll be sure to tell you about any problems I run into, and what parts (hopefully all of it!) went smoothly.