McCall’s 5330 View A

McCall’s 5330 view A was one I cut back on September 5th, and I just tossed aside on my sewing table to get to “eventually.” One of the things I wanted to do over the next few weeks is get some serious sewing done. Yesterday I finished of my salvage project on the cherries skirt, and today was the day to finish M5330 view A.

I believe this pattern originally called for belt loops, and it also only had facings, not a full lining. I chose to skip the facings, and add a lining, as well as leave off the (possible?) belt loops. I almost never wear belts, and the few I actually own are more for decoration rather than usefulness.

I honestly have no idea how the construction went as per the directions. I’ve done a few patterns before where I added a full lining, and it basically amounts to sewing the garment twice, stitching the two sides together, leaving an opening for turning, turning, and then (for me) top stitching. The actual skirt only has three panels and a waistband- including the lining pieces, I had 7 pieces of fabric total, plus one piece of interfacing. With only a few pieces, construction was easy to wing, and I did. I had no hang-ups until I got to my favorite part.

Buttonholes. I hate them. With a passion. I have a really cool automatically buttonholer function on my sewing machine, but for the life of me, I cannot get it to work. If I’m lucky it does half of one side, then gives me an error that’s not in the manual, so really the only way to do them is mark the fabric and manually stitch a tight zigzag rectangle, and hope the butttonhole is the right length.

I actually got lucky, and I did get all but two spot on, and when I put the buttons on (those I can use the machine to do) I only had to reposition one of them in the process. The bottom two buttons could have been shifted a tiny bit- maybe 1/4”- but honestly once its on, you can’t really see where they don’t line up perfectly.

M5330-frontFront view on my dress form. I hadn’t tried it on me yet at this point, but it fit the form well, so I was confident it would fit me. I wasn’t disappointed when I tried it on.


Back view on me. The fit is actually a lot better than I expected, and I will probably make this view again in the future out of a more summery fabric. Maybe a floral print to channel my inner 80’s girl?

All in all I am really pleased with the way this turned out, and the pattern envelope did not lie when it said “Easy” in large red script. This was a really easy one to complete, and I love that it lets me channel my nerdy library girl. 🙂