Nightmare Fuel


I made a brief post about this on the Facebook page, but I didn’t go into a lot of detail so I’ll try to explain what happened and what is going on now. Bear with me.

Previously, I had hosting associated with the domain name and in that hosting I had a WordPress MU installation. MU lets you host multiple sites under a single installation.  One of the secondary sites under it was this one, and I used a domain mapping plug in to make it appear that Kittyloaf Designs was under its own hosting package. For the most part it looked great and I’m betting you were none the wiser. Everything looked great.

Then I decided that my personal blog, which was housed under the domain name wasn’t something I wanted to continue any longer so I opted to stop paying for it and let it expire. That meant I needed to switch the primary domain on my hosting to the one, which was done quickly and easily.

Before that was done, I removed the domain mapping plug in from my WordPress installation so it wouldn’t cause any problems. Unfortunately I think it did something to my site so that even when it was removed, everything was redirected back to which of course no longer existed. And because everything redirected, I had no way to access the back end of my site to try to fix it. My web host was at a loss and I couldn’t find anything to help me fix it. I was extremely upset and freaking out. Aside from all of the work involved to recreate the site, there was also the matter of getting my permalinks in the same style or I would lose all of my search engine rankings I’d grown in the last 5 years or so.

I (luckily before anything was changed) ended up making back-ups of my shop items, orders, posts, and pages, and literally deleting everything and starting over from nothing. I spent most of Tuesday re-uploading all of the images to my shop because while all the prices, descriptions, and other info was there in my export files, photos were not. I was upset and exasperated but I finally got everything except for 4 items straightened out, which have been temporarily reduced to drafts until I can sort out their photos.

I’m still working on re-uploading the blog photos and I’m almost half finished. I’m not in such a rush to do them because ultimately they aren’t as important but I do expect to have them finished by the week’s end. I’m also trying to look at the good side of this. My hosting and domain bills will go down this renewal because this year I’m letting two domains go ( and and if I’m lucky, I won’t need as much storage space and can downgrade my hosting plan as well. I’m seeing a lot of my images were uploaded twice, and many images for items I may have sold were never removed from the site, adding lots of megs of files I didn’t need.

Anyway, thanks for listening, and I hope that explains any weirdness you’ve seen in the site over the last few days. I’m working on it!

A Possible New Project

I have a good friend who has her eye on a domain name (one she’s wanted for years actually and is still available- yay!) and she’s thinking about buying it and setting up a web site. I told her to let me know and I will help her get set up. I honestly have no idea what she intends to do with this possible web site but I’m really hoping she decides to do it and we can work on it together. Having a web site can be a lot of fn and give you a creative outlet.

I gave her my referral link to my web host, A Small Orange, so I will get a percentage off on my new renewal, and I also gave her a coupon code so she can save 15% as well. If you are in need of a new host, A Small Orange has fantastic up-time, and their customer and tech support can’t be beat. I honestly cannot say enough good about them after using them for about 5 years.

If you use this link ( and use the coupon code FRIENDME at checkout, you’ll save 15% off of your invoice, and I will save that same amount (15% of your invoice) off of my next one. Why not help each other out? Everyone likes to save money.

New TLDs Coing Next Year

There are only a handful of TLDs available now, many of which we all recognize instantly. .COM .NET .ORG .EDU. You probably also would recognize some popular country-named TLDs such as .JP and .DE. But starting early next year, there is a slew of possible new TLDs that will be created. There are billions of sites on the internet, and only a finite number of domain names that can be registered. The ones that are available, well, the best ones are already taken- the best being short, simple, and easy to remember.

In 2013, there will be literally hundreds of new TLDs available. Some, such as .DESIGN, or .DIET (I also run a weight loss blog on this vast internet) hold a little appeal for me, but many just seem tacky. Which ones do I find tacky? The ones that are brand names, such as .GUCCI. Most of these brands who will have a TLD option in the new year already have a huge presence, and it feels like overkill for them to be able to be able to call themselves with a self-named TDL online.

You can see the full list of future TDLs here. Will you be taking advantage of some of the new TDLs to set up the perfect online face? Which ones do you like the best? Which ones turn you off?