Thrift Store

Holy Wow You Guys!

I just went through the few remaining physical items I had marked as free and put them in a bag to be donated tomorrow, found a few other items I don’t want to sit on any longer, made sure my etsy listings matched up with what’s still available… and I deleted almost 60 items from my shop. Some were sold out so they don’t really count, but a lot just weren’t up to the current level of perfection or were perfectly made, but just not moving.

There’s going to be some happy thrift store shoppers though! A few of my friends will be receiving gifts as well so my loss is several people’s gain.

I’m really excited to be clearing out some product, even if its just donating it, because it means I’ll have that much more space to organize and store the things I love! There’s still a few tough decisions to make (books I loved as I child, I mean you!) but I think I’m going to be a lot happier by tomorrow afternoon.

And right now if you browse my shop, there’s quite a few items on sale right now, tons of great patterns, and as always, there’s coupon code LSG for those who want to save another 10% off their purchase. I might even stick a few more items on sale this evening… hmmm… 🙂

Summer Clean-Up

Hi guys! I just spent some time in my craft room (yes, my mom was so gracious as to let me have a craft room here!) culling beads to be donated that I will likely never use (about 4 pounds of them) which cleaned out several containers. Now to now rush out to find more beads to fill them up…. LOL.

I also took the time to really look at my creations and take anything not quite perfect and pull it from my shop. A lot of this was stuff that I was still learning a new technique when I made them, or they were made with not quite the usual quality materials, or I just didn’t feel they were up to par.

These have either been put into bags to be donated, or added to the small pile of designs I want to reclaim the components of to make other lovely creations.

And when the weather cools off, I’ll be going through my knit and crochet creations the same way!

Button Overload!

I went by one of my favorite thrift stores yesterday morning because I wanted to check out something I thought I saw the day before. What was I after? This. An almost 8 pound bag of buttons!


For anyone unfamiliar, typically buttons are purchased on a card with somewhere between 2 and 8 buttons to a card depending on size. A card can cost anywhere from $2 to $6 retail. There are literally thousands of buttons in this bag. I paid $28.33 after tax for it. If there are 2,000 buttons in the bag, I paid $0.014 per button. That’s a steal!

I’ve been working on sorting them the last day or so and wow it is slow going!


On the left are the colored ones, plus the black shanked buttons and the ones made out of shell. In the middle are all browns and metal ones. And on the right are black ones, and the whitish ones. Most of them are divided further by size, unless I only have enough of that color family to fill one spot. I’m nowhere near done sorting them, but I’m going to keep going until I fill up all three containers and then pass the rest onto Tracy at Art Resurrected.

There have also been quite a few conchos that I will be giving to someone who is really into leather-work right now.


This is about half of them that I dug out of the buttons- there’s literally about 90 of these.

Thrift Store Day!

My thrift store finds, minus the 3 yards of pink floral fabric I got. Totally forgot to put it in the frame!
My thrift store finds, minus the 3 yards of pink floral fabric I got. Totally forgot to put it in the frame!

I decided Thursday morning I’d go thrift store shopping. I only know of three thrift stores off-hand, but the internet is my friend. I started off with the three shops I knew. I was looking for certain items- books for Mattie’s dad since I got him hooked on a new (to him) series and since they were very popular, I can find a lot of them for super cheap used, sewing patterns, and yarn. Above is pictured everything I came home with, except for the two books for Mattie’s dad.

Good Will

I did a quick walk through and I found the 9th book in the series I am slowly getting for Mattie’s dad. That was all I found but the store is nice and clean and people are pleasant.

American Way Thrift Store

This one was a bust of books, but I did find two sewing patterns I wanted.

Salvation Army

I didn’t find anything here at all. I wasn’t too upset though because they have business practices I don’t agree with. At this point I was starting to wonder if I was going to find any yarn at all in any of the shops I visited.

Thrift Shop (generically named and located in the outlet mall)

I found a sewing pattern here. I thought it was overpriced for being thrift store goods at a dollar, but it was brand new and uncut, just the envelope was torn. At this shop I did find a few skeins of yarn buried in the bottom of a tote full of fabric scraps but it was horrible cheap stiff and scratchy stuff and in two awful shades of brown. Pass!

New to You Thrift Shop

The patrons all reeked of vodka but the ones that were chatty were super friendly and nice, and obviously regulars to the shop, offering to help me find things. The alcohol smell was so strong I was afraid too breathe deeply for fear of becoming drunk! Haha! But I found two more sewing patterns, and a 3 yard by 42″ cut of fabric of a lovely soft pink fabric with roses on it that I hope is not damaged of stained that I want to make a blouse out of.

A to Z Thrift Shop

This place was the size of a closet, and run by people who barely spoke English. It was over crowded and honestly just looked like a storage unit packed full of stuff I didn’t want. Didn’t buy anything. I felt stifled and suffocated the entire time I was inside.

Grace Thrift Center

This was another one new to me, but it was clean, spacious, well organized, and they had craft supplies! I ended up leaving there with another sewing pattern, 3 skeins of variegated blue sock yarn, 1 hank of 100% Peruvian wool yarn in a bright lime green, and another book I needed for Mattie’s dad.

After I got home, I decided to go back and get the other Cascade 100% wool yarn and the other skein of sock yarn in a different color, and I also found another book for his dad.

So, all in all I got 16 items and I spent $16 and change. I’m pretty okay with that! Three of the sewing patterns are new and uncut and a fourth one might be- I’m not sure yet but I’ll examine it later.