Bead Me This!

I am finishing up the flat spiral stitch bracelet that was supposed to go with my necklace and earrings back in October. I should be finished with it before I go to bed tonight, and will be posting pictures of it soon. Of course right now I am wishing I had ordered enough of the Swarovski crystals to do a double-row of the stitch, so I may wait on adding a clasp and order more crystals to do so later. I know it will be gorgeous either way but it will really have some extra oomph if I do decide to double it up.

This is a piece I was really excited to make and then once I got started, I kept putting it on hold even though the design is much easier to make than I had expected. If you’re not familiar with the flat spiral stitch, you can check out this great video that explain show it is done. Beadaholique is an excellent source of both information and components- I have bought beads and findings from them many times over the years. They’re prices are not the lowest but I’ve never been disappointed with what I have received from them.