Social Media

Working Working Working!

LB1I’ve been working on new projects and new items for my shop, and working on promoting my social media profiles for Kittyloaf Designs more. Its something I only seem to do sporadically, because honestly making all these posts, comments, and whatever else is a lot of work. I use Hoot Suite to help me out, letting me pre-schedule various posts and updates as I think of them, spreading them out over a few days at a time. It really does help because I can manage these things as I have time, cross post to different social networks, and not have to do the same thing 3 times manually. One click (or there about) and its done!

My Google+ page for Kittyloaf Designs suffers the worst. I have literally 3 followers on there and its because I almost never use Google+. Why? Because I do most of my social networking in the evenings from my mobile devices, and the Google+ app only shows me content that is 10 days old and older. I can’t find any settings that relate to this, and I’ve tried reinstalling the app, but its always the same old 10 day old stuff for me.

Anyway, I’ve added two new beading patterns, and their related finished products to my shop. They are my new Deadpool earrings, and my Mario star earrings and patterns. Over the next few days I have some other ideas to work on, so stay tuned!

Do This Girl a Favor!

As part of an assignment for my new Social Media course I am taking, I need to find a way to gain 100 new followers to my Twitter account before the end of next week. If you’ve used Twitter, and you’re not some sort of celebrity, you’ll understand that finding that many new followers in such a short period of time is hard!

Obviously, reaching a ratio of 3 in my followers to following is a modest goal compared to gaining 100 new followers. I currently have a ratio of 2.67, and 25 more follows will get me to 3. However, that’s still only an additional 32 follows from where I started when the assignment was unveiled. But hey! Baby steps, right? 🙂

If you don’t use Twitter or want to follow me, please consider doing me the favor of a RT (retweet). The more exposure my problem can get, the better my chances of solving it.

If you do choose to follow me, be aware that while I do use this account to post updates to this site, as well as show off some of my work, its mainly a personal account and I use it often to discuss my weight loss journey.