Busy As A Bee

The last few days have been filled with creative endeavors! A few days ago I finished two new cross stitch pieces that I will be adding to the shop tomorrow, and tonight I’ve finished quite a few small projects too.

I started off making a business card holder out of polymer clay. It’s a pretty basic shape, and I added some embellishments, and overall I’m really happy with how it turned out.

I did overcook it so painting became a necessity but I’m really happy with it. It will look great sitting on my table at the Antelope Valley Indian Museum on the 1st.

After that, I painted a picture of a pony. I decided to coat the surface with glittery resin, which I’m waiting to cure now, and tomorrow I’ll apply a second coat to smooth things out.

Then I decided to get into the white resin Tracy gave me. I’d never used it before, but I knew it cures in just a few minutes, so I’d have to work fast. I decided to use some of the dyes she passed on to me as well.

The first batch I mixed up I added black dye to, and poured it into my bat Halloween molds.

The second batch I mixed with red dye, and poured it into some silly skulls.

The third batch I didn’t dye, but I added a bunch of gold glitter and poured it into my sugar skull molds.

Then I decided to experiment a little more. I mixed two cups of resin, one black, one white, and then slowly poured both colors at once into my gravestone molds. I was hoping for a kind of swirled outcome and I was not disappointed!

After all the pieces were cured, I removed them from the molds and glued strong magnets to their backs.

It’s been a fun night filled with fun crafts!

Some New Makes :)

I know I haven’t posted in almost a month (wow! That long already?) but I have some new makes to share, and some updated older makes. A few days ago I decided to make mini sculptures of the dogs after buying some wooden plaques I saw at Michael’s. The dogs aren’t fancy- I joked as I was making them that they were milk dud dogs- but I think they turned out super cute. The color is more true in the back view photo- the front view got kind of washed out with the flash.



Then I decided to give the same mounting treatment to the polymer clay fish I made about a year ago. They looked pretty good on the plaque but I decided to add some “coral” in different colors to the plaque as well.


I made the coral the same way I made the kibble in the dogs’ bowl. I roll out a small portion of clay, then sliced into tiny cubes. Then I mixed the pieces with some liquid Sculpey, stirred it up just enough to coat it all, and gentle formed it into shape with light pressure. I’m not sure these pieces will be especially tough, but for looks only, they look great!

I also finally mounted my skull I made a few weeks ago onto its own plaque. I really with I had a glass dome to go over it though.



These plaques are really inexpensive- I got the round ones for a dollar, and the larger 5″ x 7″ rectangular one was only a little more. All I had to do was lightly sand the edges and apply a few coats of wood stain to them.

Anyway, I’m really happy with these pieces and looking forward to my next project!

Halloween! Is It Here Yet? Halloween Skulls!

Good afternoon friends! I love Halloween. Its absolutely my favorite holiday of the year? Christmas? Who needs it? Give me fun costumes and spooky decorations any day! And since its almost October, why not get started with some spooky crafting? Bring on the Halloween skulls!

Wednesday night I started out with making some little polymer clay skull earrings. I didn’t worry about them being perfectly accurate but I did want them to be recognizable. They turned out to be so easy to make I decided to make a larger one today for display around the house.

This is what I started out with. Lots of white clay, and a few tools. I didn't use anything fancy, just those things pictured plus a one inch ball of aluminum foil.
This is what I started out with. Lots of white clay, and a few tools. I didn’t use anything fancy, just those things pictured plus a one inch ball of aluminum foil.
This was my almost finish and before baking picture. As you can see, it looks pretty boring and you can see a hint of the foil in the eye sockets.
This was my almost finish and before baking picture. As you can see, it looks pretty boring and you can see a hint of the foil in the eye sockets.

The basic skull shape is a ball that’s been pressed a bit to make the lower end someone narrower then the top. Make a pair of eye socket indentions, and then use a few small strips of clay to add the cheekbone ridges. A little more clay is adding to the lower front to make the lower jaw project a bit, and then add some clay to the upper back of the skull to add fullness to the braincase. I also added indentions into the sides at the joint of the jaws.

Teeth were simply scratched deeply into the surface, working out from the horizontal line, so lines were etched away from the split between the jaws. This keeps the horizontal scoring from being filled in by tiny bit of clay being drug down into it when drawing the teeth.

Then things got fun! After he baked and cooled a bit, I got out my yellow and brown acrylic paint and mixed them together to get a medium yellow-brown. I applied it everywhere with a heavy hand, and then quickly wiped it off before it could dry. Then I used only dark brown and dabbed it over the areas I wanted to have more definition and wiped it off. This is the end result.

skulls1 skulls2 skulls3 skulls4





modelI had so much fun making these and I hope you’ll try them too! They really can’t be easier! I did have a little help for basic shaping from a small clear plastic puzzle skull, which helped me quite a bit with the details of the larger skull. Sorry this final photo isn’t as clear- I snapped it with my phone without great lighting and its a little grainy.

McCall’s 5248 Nightgown View C & Shorts View D

I did both of these views of McCall’s 5248 last week, starting with the shorts, then moving on to the nightgown, and back to the shorts again.

I don’t really have photos of the shorts (I look ridiculous in shorts and my dress dummy doesn’t have a lower body option so to speak), but here’s the nightgown. It turned out cute, but I don’t wear these, so it went up in my Etsy shop. Its a size Large/X-Large, and the fabric is flannel. Very soft and warm for winter. The print on the lower half is skulls made out of flowers. Click on the thumbnails for larger views of each image.



The only challenge I had with the nightgown was finding a way to add the lace trim and hide the raw edge completely. I did French seams on the rest of it,  so no raw edges visible anywhere. It turned out really well, and I got to use up some of the lace my friend Tracy gave to me as well.

Now if I can just find a buyer for the nightgown I’ll be happy!

Simplicity 3797 – Jacket View E

I’ve sewn Simplicity 3797 twice now, once as pictured in a skull-themed print fleece, and once with a complete lining in a cherry themed fabric so it was actually a warm jacket. While I had to create a new pattern piece in order to sew the version with a full lining, it was still really simple and easy to do. The lining is red satin and the lapels are red and white striped costume satin.


us-234x300I think it took me about 90 minutes to construct the one pictured at left from start to finish as its a very basic design and there’s nothing complicated about it. The lined one took about twice as long as there are twice as many pieces and seams to sew.

Both of these were done in a size 22, and while the unlined one turned out perfect, the lined one has a few minor issues I need to address- namely I think I forgot to lockstitch one of the seams in the lining and its coming open near the shoulders on one side. I also would like to take it in a size or two if I am going to deconstruct it to repair it as I’ve lost quite a bit of weight since I made it.