More Resin Earrings!

So, I’m having a great time using Alumilite Amazing Clear Cast Resin! I’ve been making resin earrings and its so much fun!

These first two I posted yesterday before the findings were attached but these are better, clearer photos. I added Delica seed beads to each of these, setting some into them after the resin started to gel. This first pair has silvery beads in the front and behind those, black and white beads. I think these turned out pretty cute.



This pair I did a baby blue, bright pinkish purple, and white beads into. They are kind of 4th of July in feeling, though I’m a bit late for the holiday. These have a small tab at the top of the mold shape made to be drilled, so I got to see how good I am at putting holes in things. Apparently good enough because I drilled this pair and another not pictured without a problem.


These ones I like even better than the other two. I sniped a few inches off of some of my silk sari yarn and I shredded it into little fuzzy bits, putting them into the molds before I poured the resin in. Most of the silk is red, but there are also blue, turquoise, and a little yellow in there.


I have others I poured as well but they aren’t ready to be shared yet as I am trying something a little different with them. Once I get the other things I need to finish them off I will post photos. It involves sandpaper and a softer, frosted glass-like finish! Some of these will make it into my shop, so expect that to happen soon! I hope you guys love these as much as I do! This might be my new favorite craft!

You Need More Yarn!

This is a conversation I had with Mattie a few days ago:

Me: You know I have the whole rainbow in Red Heart cheapie yarns including black and grey except white and brown.
Mattie: You should go buy more yarn.
Me: I need to use up some yarn first.
Mattie: You should go buy it now so you have it when you need it already.
Me: Stop encouraging me!
Mattie: I’m being supportive.
Me: I keep saying no more yarn until I use some. Them I buy a bunch more.
Mattie: But you have room for more yarn!

I’m pretty sure I have a yarn problem and Mattie is totally enabling me. I don’t think I really mind though and I like I needed to buy some yarn after we had the conversation. That led me to eBay (just to look of course!) and had me searching for lots of yarn. Maybe someone wanted to clean out their stash and had a mess of yarn with a cheap bid. It doesn’t hurt to look, right?



These are the six hanks of recycled silk sari yarn I ended up buying Monday night, which was shipped out Tuesday, and arrived on Wednesday afternoon. Because I still don’t have a yarn swift, it was an exercise in tangles, but I finally got all six hanks neatly wound up into cakes. And as you can see, each cake is a different set of colors, though reds and oranges really dominate most of them. All the colors are lovely, and even the one cake that is more muted tones is so pretty! They are so gorgeous and I can’t want to find the right project to use them. So lovely!