McCall’s 5248 Nightgown View C & Shorts View D

I did both of these views of McCall’s 5248 last week, starting with the shorts, then moving on to the nightgown, and back to the shorts again.

I don’t really have photos of the shorts (I look ridiculous in shorts and my dress dummy doesn’t have a lower body option so to speak), but here’s the nightgown. It turned out cute, but I don’t wear these, so it went up in my Etsy shop. Its a size Large/X-Large, and the fabric is flannel. Very soft and warm for winter. The print on the lower half is skulls made out of flowers. Click on the thumbnails for larger views of each image.



The only challenge I had with the nightgown was finding a way to add the lace trim and hide the raw edge completely. I did French seams on the rest of it,  so no raw edges visible anywhere. It turned out really well, and I got to use up some of the lace my friend Tracy gave to me as well.

Now if I can just find a buyer for the nightgown I’ll be happy!