Simplicity 4189 View B is Done (Again)

This skirt was in my “fix or repair” pile, and while I did manage to do that, there’s still things I’m not pleased with, namely the cut of the skirt itself. I took three sets of pictures for this skirt in two different shirts, tucked in and out, and all I can figure is I just don’t like it because it makes my hips look big. I’m also not crazy about the asymmetrical handkerchief hemline- its just not appealing, though its one of those things I own several patterns for with this hemline, though most are tops.

One of the sore points of this skirt when I first sewed it was some severe puckering at the top corner of the slit in the front- the fabric was puckered, bubbled, and just made the slit awkward. I was able to fix that part, though hemming the edges was tricky for me.


I’m also not terrible pleased with the fact that I should have swapped the two fabrics so the obvious angling of the panels wouldn’t have been so obvious in the pattern layout, and that I hadn’t cut one of the panels upside down. The brown fabric literally faces every possible direction in this skirt and that bothers me.

The other sore point in this is where the brown (upside down) panels meets the two white panels below it in a point. There was also terrible puckering and bubbling there, and while its still not perfect, it is a lot better than it was. Its actually barely noticeable now.


S4189-fabricThis is a close-up of the two fabrics. I saw these and fell in love with them years ago. I still think the Pink Panther is pretty cool (and I still love Henry Mancini’s theme for it) but not sure I would have chosen to use these fabrics if I had made this skirt today. I’m really trying to get away from so many crazy prints but its hard- I am loving prints like crazy right now!

I also think I might have used a fabric with a softer drape- this quilting cotton is just stiff enough to give this skirt a lot of body and I think that adds to the wide hips problem. Maybe a light knit fabric would have worked better for this instead.

I really don’t think I’ll be making this again though.