Some New Mock-Ups

I lost all self control the other day and I made an order for some new fabrics. Initially I was only buying fabric for my prom dress (Have I mentioned that yet? I can’t remember.) and for Mattie’s dress shirt for prom. But then I saw some other fabulous fabrics and I had to have them. I tried really hard to not buy them, but yeah… You know how it is, right? Anyway, I have two shirts I absolutely adore and would love to have a few other versions of them. One however is a really summery shirt, and Summer is coming to an end, so I decided to skip out of making another version or two of it for now. The other shirt I love though is more suited for other weather, depending of fabrics used. My first version (link in previous sentence) was made with a very light weight shirting material and is perfect for Summer. Its so light I worry about it being ripped to shreds when the dog jumps on me, but amazingly that hasn’t happened. Maybe the fabric is tougher than I think it is. Anyway, I want to make two other versions of this shirt, but do the shorter length of it with longer sleeves (View D) and maybe do one with the sleeves tacked up and one with them down all the way. I found two fun fabrics, both novelty prints, that I think will be great for this. One is a brown color with postage stamps bearing messages of love, and the other is a lime green with colorful buttons all over it. I think they’re both going to be super cute, and very wearable with both jeans and solid colored skirts. I only drew the mock-up with the sleeves tacked up, but I’m sure you can imagine them all the way down.



I also ordered some solid color Kona cotton (I love this stuff!) to make two new ยฝ circle skirts. I thought I loved the full circle skirt, but after making a ยฝ, I was pretty much over the full circle. I chose fabrics in charcoal grey and in coral (which I’m hoping is as pictured, more orange-y than pink) and I can’t wait for them to get here. Oddly enough I think I might be able to wear these versions of the shirts paired with the skirts I did mock-ups of here. That will be a win!

Now, about prom. If I haven’t mentioned it yet, my friend Joann is having a prom themed birthday party in November, and Mattie and I were invited to in the fun. It took me forever to decide on a dress pattern. I knew from the beginning I was going to be making my own dress, but choosing was hard. The dress I’m making is long, sleek, and has some rather interesting shaping and detailing front and back around the neckline. I’ll have to find a strapless bra, which will be a challenge to find one that fits, but the dress is gorgeous. I only wish I had been able to find the fabric I chose for it in a royal blue- instead all I could find was hunter green, but I think its still going to look fab. I was only able to find one person online who has made this dress, and she ran into a few issues, so hoping I can get this baby finished without any major hang-ups!

Simplicity 2365 View C Its Done!

Friday I spent some time in my craft room all but finishing Simplicity 2365. I stitched everything together, had to rip out two seams at one point because I stitched the sleeves and sleeve bands together which one backward, and sewed on buttons. I stitched buttonholes, which I will admit are a bit sloppy, and finished hems. I top-stitched around the facings, and got everything finished except for making the waist tie and threading it through. I continued with the French seams everywhere except on the sleeves, as I always find sleeves to be a pain in the ass and sewing it all twice really didn’t appeal to me. The open edge of the facings was also left raw, but its not something that will be noticeable while being worn unless you unbutton me and start opening the shirt- something I highly doubt will be happening! ๐Ÿ˜‰



Today I sewed the last bit of this shirt which was to stitch the drawstring, turn it, and thread it through the casing. The stitching took about 30 seconds. I left the drawstring un-stitched in the middle so it would be hidden once it was threaded through, and the turning took about 30 minutes- I need to get a turning tool! What did speed the turning along a bit was using the dirt-scraper bit of my nail clippers to snag and tug the fabric through about a half inch at a time. It wasn’t a perfect solution, but it did help! The threading of the drawstring through the casing took maybe 2 minutes, only having a few brief pauses when I had to go past seams and the safety pin snagged on the seam allowance.



After that I had to throw it in the wash with the rest of the laundry, because Sashi, our younger dog, likes to help me sew, and since I do my cutting and pinning on the floor, sometimes I end up with paw prints on what I’m working on. This has been the case in this particular project, and since its light-colored, it really shows the dirt. Yuck!

Anyway, this was a super easy pattern to work save for the one problem I had with stitching the sleeve bands on backwards, and I’d make it again, but maybe use a slightly heavier fabric next time. Still, this will be a great summer shirt as it is! I’m really happy with hot it turned out. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

My patterns I ordered from Simplicity, which were scheduled to arrive on Monday in the post, arrived today. I also received the pattern I bought off of eBay for my Halloween costume this year. I can’t wait for it to be closer to October so I can get started on it- Its going to be fun! Mattie may do a matching costume with it; we’re not 100% decided on that yet. You have no idea how badly I want to tell you guys what I’m going to be, but nope! You gotta wait!

Simplicity 2365 & Some Mock-Ups

S2365-CasingI did some sewing on Simplicity 2365 today (finally!) and stitched the front, sides, and back together. I also put in the casing on the inside, which I think I managed to do correctly. I’ve so far followed the directions to a T, but who knows how long that will actually last. I never seem to stick to the directions for anything for long. The casing is some old light blue bias tape I happened to have on hand, and I’m betting its actually something from the stash of stuff I raided from my mom ages ago, so I was glad to use most of it. Tomorrow I will be hemming the bottom, and adding the front facings and collar to it, plus probably whatever follows that step directly.

The fabric (since I couldn’t remember for the life of me what it was the last time I talked about this) is a cream and pale blue plaid shirting cotton. Its going to be a great light-weight shirt for the coming summer, and I can’t wait to wear it. I’m a little worried about it though because I hate having raw edges showing anywhere, so I used French seams to contain them, which makes me seam allowances just a tiny bit wider overall. I don’t think it will be a problem, but if it is, well, I’m almost down into the next size, so it won’t be a problem for long.

I also took the time to work up some mock-ups for some of the shirt patterns I have coming now from Simplicity. I love the way they look with these fabrics, which I also ordered from Fabric.com taking advantage of a sale, and a coupon. I honestly don’t know which of these I like best, but it looks like I’m going to have to stitch up some stuff in solid colors as well to go with all of these crazy prints!


I’m thinking of using the kelly green broadcloth I recently got to make another circle skirt, but maybe only a half circle. I’ll be making use of this fantastic circle skirt calculator to do it. Its super easy to use- you just plug in your waist measurement, how long you want your skirt to be in inches, and the seam allowances/hems and it does the math for you, giving you the radius for the circle you need to cut, and how far in you need to cut the waist hole circle. I initially had a different plan for the kelly green, but its so much brighter than I expected that I don’t want to use it for my first idea any more. I think a plain green skirt would be nice though. ๐Ÿ™‚ Someone recently posted a gorgeous vintage-styled dress in blues and greens that I loved, and now I’m wanting to try out the color combo myself.

Anyway, that’s all for now. I’ll hopefully see you all tomorrow with progress on Simplicity 2365 and some more photos.

Tearing Down Butterick 4087


b4087I’m a little sad today because my ironing board did not come in the mail today. An ironing board did come, but not the one I ordered, nor was it one I can actually use. The board I received is one of those specialized ironing boards for dress shirt sleeves. Tomorrow I’ll be mailing it back to Amazon, and I am undecided if I want to wait for a replacement or not as the item I was supposed to get is out of stock for a few weeks. They did upgrade the shipping to one day, but I’m not sure I want to wait that long for it. :pouty:

Years ago, I attempted to sew Butterick 4087, which is a super cute apron pattern. I did the view with the shoulder ruffles, and it should have been pretty awesome. Instead what I had was an apron that I did a horrendous job of sewing, and that the straps would not stay up no matter what I did with them. The only solution I could find that would work was to tie it like a halter, but the straps are way too long for that and its bulky.

Today while watching TV, I grabbed it, which has been stuffed in a trash bag with other things since I made it, and my seam ripper, and ripped out all the seams connecting the bodice to the waistband, and the waistband to the skirt. I also completely ripped apart the waist ties. The inner and outer pieces of the bodice and the ruffles on the straps stayed intact as I actually did a good job stitching them, and I left the pockets on the skirt. I’m undecided in how I want to tear apart the upper straps yet, but sometime this week I’ll be working on piecing it all back together again.

I also did the cutting today for Simplicity 2365. I am using a cream and blue plaid shirting material that I picked up a few years ago for $2.99 a yard at Fabric.com. That makes this a $10 shirt more or less, counting the little bit I spent on the pattern. I may have to go buy buttons, not sure yet.

Anyway, tomorrow I will do some sewing, whether its on the shirt or on the poor apron. And Friday I will have my new dress form! Yay!

Simplicity 2365 View C

This is my next project. I’m doing view C, which is the long length with the short sleeves. My fabric is a lightweight blue shirting material, though I’m suddenly drawing a blank as to the pattern even though I was just looking at it… lol. I think its a small plaid design. Anyway, I am hoping to get it at the least cut tomorrow and maybe start the sewing. ๐Ÿ™‚

I also spent some time shifting money around and trying to make money appear from nowhere because as I may have mentioned before, my dress form which has served me faithfully for years is suddenly too fat. All my newly made clothes will not fit on her. Some things can be squeezed on but they can’t be zipped or fastened. Enter this. Dritz Sew You Dress Form, Small. The one I really wanted has an offset leg so you can do pants and whatnot, but honestly, I’ve never made pants besides loose-fitting PJ pants and I didn’t want to wait any longer on this, and considering I don’t make pants (yet?) I really couldn’t justify spending about $100 more. I’m hoping the naysayers are wrong in the reviews- the reviews are vastly positive overall for this model and it was a toss-up between this and one other, but this one I am at the top edge of the measurements, so I can work with it for a long time. I may have to pad the bust a little, but its easier to add padding than make it smaller. ๐Ÿ˜Žย  I’ll be making only slightly more than minimum payments on my credit card this month, but it won’t kill me to do that once in a while. I usually pay a lot more than the minimum.

Anyway, tomorrow I also get my new ironing board, so will be ironing out my new duds as well as cutting fabric!