Simplicity 1613 View D

S16131I had purchased this pattern (Simplicity 1613) months ago and did a mock-up of it back at the end of May. I had a plan to do the band around the neckline so the stripes were vertical instead of horizontal like the rest of the top, but in practice, I am glad I didn’t do that.

I had some problems with this top, namely that I’m still not sure I made the elastic casing correctly, but otherwise it was pretty quick and easy and only took me about 2 hours from cutting to finishing. I looked forward to making this top since I chose the fabric for it, but in all honesty, its not my favorite thing I’ve made this year. I think the pattern envelope looks better than my reality of what I made with it. There is also the issue of when wearing it, the shoulder straps don’ want to stay in place- I’m pretty sure the model on the envelope is using double-sides tape to keep her straps up and where they belong. :blink:

Still, the fit is really good, as the sizing was spot-on, and I’m not unhappy with it. I think it would have been better if made with a heavier knit fabric than the one I used. Would I make it again? Yes, most likely. I don’t like the sleeveless and long sleeved versions of the twisted neckline, but the short-sleeves one is kind of cute, and I’d like to make another version like this one but  sleeveless. Its just a really cute top and I love the bared shoulders a lot.

S1613Anyway, a solid 4 out of 5 stars for this one, which isn’t exactly bad. :happy:

I’m not sure how noticeable it really is, but my face is all blotchy because I got a pretty nasty sunburn last Saturday at the beach and its peeling now, as is my chest, one shoulder, and my back. I wish I could cover it up with make-up for the pics, but make-up isn’t so useful of peeling skin. :cwy:

I’ve also got some ideas for my prom dress I’ll need in November. One of my friends is having a prom-themed party for her birthday and obviously I need an amazing dress. Mattie has agreed to be my date so long as I make him a 100% cotton shirt, and I of course need a dress. I have two patterns in mind, and I might already have the perfect fabric in my stash- a deep platinum colored medium-weight knit that I think would look great in either Butterick 5491, or Simplicity 1612. Obviously I am thinking of the long versions here, but I have months to decide what to do so no rush!

Some New Arrivals Coming Soon

I wanted to get some new tops patterns and after browsing the Simplicity site, I found several basic tops that I could make in different fabrics, as well as a dress pattern that had a detail I could not say no to. I ended up ordering 5 patterns while their $3.99 sale was on, and will be happily awaiting their arrival. These are the new ones I ordered.



New Look 6816 I want to make the view the model is wearing, with the mid-length gathered sleeves.

New Look 6838 I want to do the one shown in stripes (and I might even use a striped knit for it- I love stripes!) and maybe the sleeveless shell. I’m not liking the slight v-neck on the other top at all.

Simplicity 1716 I like the one modeled in purple stripes with the slight cowl neck. If I’m not careful, I am going to have ten cowl-necked tops and dresses in my closet.

Simplicity 1612 is a dress I have instantly fallen in love with. The keyhole back actually appears to be twisted, and I can see this as a nicer dress depending on the fabric in the longer length as well.

Simplicity 1613 I actually tried to win on eBay the other day, but was hugely outbid at the last second. I want to do the mid-length sleeve off the shoulder variation of it.

I also ordered a year’s membership for Club BMV, which in my cart showed as being $4.99 after a $5 coupon, but it actually charged me $9.99, so I sent an email to them asking for an explanation, and hopefully a partial refund. The cart showed my total as $4.99 and it showed $4.99 at PayPal, but my receipt says $9.99. :angry:

Tomorrow (well today when you read this) I’ll hopefully be working on my current project in my craft room after the veggie delivery comes. Maybe I’ll have soemthing to show you at the end of the day. :sideways: