A Newer, Bigger, More Fun Purse

purse-cutToday’s project was a new, bigger, more fun purse. Weeks ago I had decided to make myself a new purse. I wanted a bigger purse, and I also wanted to add some zipper pockets to the inside. I had modified my purse pattern I have made several of already for myself to be larger, and but hadn’t worked it out yet so wasn’t sure how it would turn out. I had estimated the fabric usage to be about 50% more than what it takes for my original design, but it actually ended up taking almost double that. I barely had enough fabric to cut everything from using the two one-yard cuts I had chosen for this design.

My exterior fabric, pictured at left, was chosen after I had already picked my lining fabric- a cut of fabric that my friend Jami gave me two years ago. I had to hand draw some of my pattern pieces as our printer wouldn’t print half of the pieces, and gave me duplicates of others.

The actual construction went really smoothly, except for the part where I forgot to put the interfacing in. I actually had to partially disassemble it afterwards to put it in because to just wasn’t stable enough without it.

I added a zipper to the inside of both sides in the center panels, and was really pleased with my zipper skills- both went in perfectly the first time, and I don’t think I’ve ever put a zipper in so well the first time, and especially not two of them.



One of the biggest design changes I made besides making the purse bigger and adding the zipper pockets was to make the strap longer so it could be worn cross-body, though it doesn’t sit incredible low and it at about hip level.



The lining fabric is a cute grey and yellow polka dot flannel, and its a perfect match for my outer fabric.

After stitching it up, I did find a few things I wanted to adjust in the final pattern, such as making the purse body about 2″ taller, and I found the pocket pieces needed to be lengthened by about 1″ to fit better into the design and sewing methods. When I sew this purse, the pockets on the ends are held in place entirely by stitching them into the other seams- the only thing I have to do with the pocket pieces is hem the upper edges before inserting them into the seams.

Am I happy with the outcome, despite thinking it should be about 2″ taller? Yes. Hopefully I’ll be making an official pattern download with instructions for this version and adding it to my shop soon.

A New Purse (Commissioned by Joann)

My friend Joann asked me to make her a new purse a few weeks back, and we made a trip to Joann’s fabric store to pick out what we needed. It took a while, but finally decisions were made and we had four fun fabrics, two for each side of the purse. Of course it took me way longer than it should have to get it down because of a multitude of things going wrong (bobbin not winding correctly and continuously breaking, I sewed a few pieces together backwards… )but its finally done and it turned out really cute!



Depending which side is out, and which way its turned, its like having four purses in one! There are four pockets, two inside and two outside, and there’s enough room inside to hold quite a bit of stuff without being a monster. I have one of these I made for myself that I use most of the time and I love it even after a few years. Its also completely reversible.

If you’d like to make your own version of this purse yourself, just let me know! You can buy a copy of the pattern for $5.00. You’ll need a printer to print the pages (standard letter size) and some tape to stick the pieces together, but its super easy! You can also buy this one already made form my shop, or this one, which is just a little bit different.

Reversible Half CIrcle Skirt with Exposed Zipper

You ever get an idea, and even though it seems ridiculous, you just have to make it work? That’s what happened here with this half circle skirt. I was laying in bed, and all of a sudden I was like “Hey! Let’s make that next skirt reversible! That should be easy!” The next morning, after thinking about it all night it seems, I realized I would have to find an reversible zipper. My first stop was eBay to the seller I buy all my zippers from, usually in bulk. Then I tried Etsy. Then I went back to eBay. I realized at some point that if I wanted a reversible zipper, it was going to have to be a separating zipper, no problem except it would be exposed due to the nature of how separating zippers are, so I had to find one that actually matched. Do you know how hard it is to find a pink separating zipper? And to find one that is roughly the same length as your skirt? A little short would work, but longer would not unless I wanted to add another border to my skirt to increase its length to match. :getlost:


I finally found my zipper, paid almost $7 for it including shipping, and waiting for it to arrive. The arrival date on my purchases page said June 3rd. I waited, impatiently. I stared at my skirt. I worried whether or not it would work or if I just bought myself a really expensive zipper for no reason. Finally, today, 4 days ahead of schedule, it arrived. :kissing:


Amazingly, it not only worked, but it worked perfectly, and dude to the larger size of this zipper, it was much easier to sew in compared to an actual skirt zipper. My skirt is fully reversible, the two layers of cotton give it enough body that it kind of fakes having a crinoline, and I actually love how the zipper looks in it. Its definitely a modern twist on an old style, but I think it’s fab! :wub:


The zipper is a really bright pink- more like magenta, but it works. Its also about 2 inches shorter than my skirt, so there’s a small slit at the bottom where the zipper ends. You might also recognize my shirt as this one, just partially unbuttoned and tied in a knot. I was too lazy to change my shirt, so I just changed how it looked for the photos. :sideways: The only thing I don’t like about how the skirt turned out (and you can kind of see it in this last picture) is the bottom edge was a little wonky in the border fabric alongside the zipper. Other then that, I love it!

I also made something else today, but I’ll post that later on. :silly:

Reversible Half Circle Skirt?

zipYou ever have a brilliant idea, then think about it and realize its absolutely ridiculous? That’s what happened here. I wanted to make a reversible half circle skirt. But I didn’t want it to have an elasticized waist. I’m not a fan of elastic and with certain fabrics, it always manages to look bulky and not very slimming. Then I realized it wasn’t going to be quite so simple because I would need a reversible zipper to do this. The problem there is two-fold. The first part was finding a zipper. I was under the mistaken impression I could just hop onto eBay and find a pink, reversible, non-exasperating zipper. Boy was I wrong! What I did find (and this is all I found and it was the last one) was a pink separating zipper that measures about an inch shorter than the length of my skirt. I grabbed it in a hurry and now of course I’m waiting for it to arrive, though it was just shipped out today.

I have already cut the skirt and sewn the panels together. I decided I like this skirt so much to copy it, and I was able to use huge stretches of two fabrics I had no idea what to do with. You might recognize the lighter pink fabric as the one I made that disastrous vest out of. I had 4 yards of the lighter fabric and 2 yards of the darker one, thanks to an ordering error at where my order was doubled. I never made what I had intended the fabric for, but after cutting and stitching this up, I really like these two fabrics for this skirt.

pink1 pink2
I just have this pinned onto my dress form, but you can see how cute this is going to be! My estimated delivery date for the zipper is June 3rd, so hopefully then I can show you the skirt in its finished state. It is going to be a challenge putting the zipper in without it being super noticeable though as this is not a regular light-duty dress zipper. I may end up doing the exposed zip thing instead- we’ll see how it looks and what I can do with it.

I know I still owe you guys photos of the something I made the other day but as I said, you’ll get those after the weekend. I’m wearing it to a BBQ on Saturday. :sideways: